Carnival 2014 dubbed a huge success

Carnival 2014 dubbed a huge success
The CPMA officials at this morning's press conference.
The CPMA officials at this morning’s press conference.

Carnival Planning and Management Authority (CPMA) Chairman Lyndon Arnold has dubbed the 2014 St. Lucia Carnival a great success.

Arnold told media operatives at a press conference today, July 23 that everything happened as planned. He said this year’s carnival also attracted a large turnout, as the streets of Castries were filled with hundreds of people.

“It was two glorious days of jump up for revelers, and for the CPMA, we are extremely happy that we got all of the bands before the judges within the national sunlight for the judging process, and working with the security forces in getting the mass crowds out of the city, even long before the natural daylight has faded,” he said.

The CPMA chair said his organisation is also heartened by the number of bands that took part in the carnival parade.

“From the very large bands, as we had in one case where 1,800 persons, both revelers and support staff, was part of one band…to the small bands with 15 revelers. It is indeed heartening that irrespective of size, there is space in Lucian carnival for all to participate in and we are extremely happy about that,” Arnold added.

However, the CPMA head stated that he is saddened that some of the stalwarts in the carnival movement, such as Mass Action, could not participate this year. Nevertheless, Arnold said while initial planning started on “shaky legs”, due to financial constraints, things managed to change for the best and everyone made a good effort to participate and contribute to the success.


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  1. What is success? Our people...especially women degrading themselves on the streets. Carnival should be either restored to a spectacle of colour and creativity or banned!!!


  2. it was ok buh as for by standers for sure it was the worst castries had hundreds of ppl yes ofcorse buh compare dis year to others years awa awa


  3. "... carnival also attracted a large turnout, as the streets of Castries were filled with hundreds of people."
    Yes, hundreds of unruly people defacing an already defaced Castries. I don't know why they don't get rid of carnival once and for all; or keep it in the Marchand Park.
    Why should everyone else be inconvenienced because a few, mostly, women need the city, for two days, to shake and expose their private parts?


    • I know, so with you. They need to send it back to Trinidad and have something more original.


  4. As always! The general public will never know. Every show or event is always dubbed as a success. Just like Soufriere Jazz.


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