Caring Hands Foundation issues statement against recent rape of teens

Caring Hands Foundation issues statement against recent rape of teens

caringhandsPRESS RELEASE – Caring Hands Foundation would like to take this opportunity to empathize with the two young people who were sexually violated on 3rd November, 2015.

We hope that every effort is made by the relevant authorities to treat and mitigate the impact of this horrendous crime on the lives of the two female students. Treatment and other support services should also be extended to the families, friends and classmates of the young ladies. Very importantly, Caring Hands Foundation hopes the perpetrators are prosecuted and be made to pay for their offences to the full extent of the law.

Caring Hands Foundation is greatly concerned about all acts of sexual violence against all human beings. The occurrence of sexual violence is reflective of a lack of respect, regard and concern for the well-being of the victims. This is because the impact of sexual violence on the victims is both devastating and long-term from an eclectic perspective. In some instances victims become socially, emotionally and psychologically handicapped to the extent that their lives become stagnant.

No excuse can ever be made to justify acts of sexual violence against a fellow human being. Whereas, precautionary measures should be taken to minimize the likelihood of becoming a victim of sexual violence, we should never forget that ultimately the perpetrators of such crimes are the ones to be held responsible for their actions.

Thus, Caring Hands Foundation believes sufficient and appropriate efforts must be invested in rehabilitating sex offenders before reintegrating them back into society.

Also, the necessary programmes and policies must be implemented to change the perceptions, attitudes and actions of individuals especially towards the girls and women of our society.


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  1. I admire the efforts of this newly formed organisation. I am wishing you all the best. I know with the projects that you are designing, the efforts of your organisation like no other has done with help society in one way or they other.... all you young people!!!! I can see things will happen.

    All the best!


  2. Nice little speech caring hands but we need some real qualified human rights people in this country.this is definitely not enough


  3. I concur. Did not read anything about how this so called "caring hands" will do anything to assist the victims. just talk talk talk bla bla bla. Are you trying to market your organization??? Stop talking and do something!!!!


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