Caring Hands calls for the cessation of all forms of child abuse

Caring Hands calls for the cessation of all forms of child abuse

unnamedPRESS RELEASE – Caring Hands Foundation (CHF) vehemently opposes all forms of child abuse practices in St. Lucia.

The organization believes that child abuse does nothing to promote the growth and development of our children, but rather hinders the realization of every child’s full potential.

Very importantly, the organization is of the view that everyone in our society has a role to play in preventing and mitigating the impact of this unwanted social ill on our most precious resource.

Caring Hands Foundation is deeply concerned about the recent reported cases of child abuse in St. Lucia.

What is even more alarming is the number of cases that remain unreported as a result of fear, a degree of cultural acceptance and other factors that serve the interest of perpetrators.

No child under any circumstances should be exposed to harm. Yet, today, we hear of children losing their lives at the hands of individuals who have a responsibility to protect their holistic development.

The occurrence of one case of child abuse is one case too many. As a society we must reflect on the beliefs, customs and practices that give rise to child abuse.

The problem of child abuse calls for a proactive response at all levels of society. Everyone has a responsibility to report suspected cases of abuse to the relevant authorities.

Also everyone has to ensure that their interaction with children is such that it is conducive to improving the welfare of children. Children must be loved and cared for in their homes, schools and communities.

At the macro level our laws, policies, facilities and agencies must be sufficient and functional to protect our children.

The requisite efforts should be invested to ensure that the rights afforded to our children as stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child are a reality and not just set of ideals we aspire to attain.


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  1. SMH..... only now? Milan had to die first.... These organizations seem to wait for tragedy before something is done but i will say this... better late than never so lets save another child before the worst happens...


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