CARIMAN and NWU at loggerheads

CARIMAN and NWU at loggerheads

An industrial row is brewing between the management of CARIMAN Ltd. and the National Workers Union.

In the latter part of 2012, workers employed with CARIMAN Ltd. were forced to take industrial action to have the company reach agreement on an outstanding wages matter.

The agreement was reached during a meeting at the Department of Labour. It was also agreed that retroactive payments would be made during the early stages of 2013.

A few weeks ago, General Manager Paul Williams, through a telephone conversation, requested the Union to submit a date on which they would prefer the payments to be made. The NWU followed up with a letter dated February 20, 2013 stating that payments should be made no later than Easter 2013.

Management confirmed receipt of this letter and indicated that all the necessary statistical data was collated to facilitate the payment.

Easter 2013 has since passed without any payments being made to the workers.

The NWU has requested the intervention of the Ministry of Labour in the said matter.


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  1. Haha that so true, The union boss likes to make things up to keep the dues comin in. Sad what they did to Belle Fashions.


  2. Yes could be a sticky situation but if the company cant afford it then a reasonable payment plan should be arranged. The only problem, as everyone knows, is that "reasonable" and NWU are two words that can't be used in the same sentence. In fact, who even knows if any of this is true? The NWU sometimes makes promises to its members that it can't keep and then mercilessly blames Management. It is exactly this type of conflict that is driving away the SL manufacturing base.


  3. Now, is this a sticky situation . . . what if CARIMAN states that it doesn't have the money to pay the employees, what will we say?

    Should we say that the employees should not go on strike. Should we say that the employees are lazy? hmmmm, what should be our response?


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