CARILEC signs MOU with Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room

CARILEC signs MOU with Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room

167c4e4b-0aa9-4038-ab3e-49ae6d0fbf82PRESS RELEASE – Last month, the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC), and Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room (RMI-CWR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The memorandum outlined a framework for cooperation and coordination of activities in key common interest areas, particularly in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and information sharing between utilities in the region.

One of the first joint projects will be the development of a virtual peer-to-peer learning platform for Caribbean renewable energy practitioners. The platform will be available in coming months.

The goal of the Community of Practice is to foster continuous knowledge exchange between Caribbean utility engineers, government practitioners, and development partners active in the sustainable energy space. The platform will offer renewable deployment approaches, tools and templates and enable practitioners to share their experiences and solve challenges together.

“The impacts of fossil fuel generation on climate change necessitate a shift toward the development of renewable energy sources to meet the growing demand for energy while addressing the issue of environmental sustainability.

Although the Caribbean has outlined its regional and country specific energy policies and renewable energy targets, in many cases the environment does not enable the effective implementation of those policies. We see the partnership between CARILEC and the Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room as an important development for us. CARILEC is an advocate of sustainable energy practices that serve the region’s present needs while preserving the ability for our future generations to continue.

We also believe that increased training and knowledge sharing in the region helps to build that enabling environment for sustainable energy practices. On this basis, it was clear that CARILEC and the Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room had common interests. With our unique perspectives, and in combining our varied networks and strengths, we know we will accomplish much more through this partnership. ” Mr. Thomas Hodge, CARILEC Executive Director.

CARILEC’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness of its members by providing industry related services, creating regular networking, training and knowledge sharing opportunities; supporting mutual assistance programs and being an advocate for the industry throughout the Caribbean.

RMI-CWR work across the Caribbean with governments and utilities to develop and accelerate their renewable energy and energy efficiency transition from fossil fuels.


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