CARILEC response earns high praise from Bahamas Power and Light

CARILEC response earns high praise from Bahamas Power and Light

(PRESS RELEASE) – Reports out of Bahamas Power & Light Electric (BPL) utility are that response teams from the Caribbean Electric Utility Corporation (CARILEC) are consistently meeting milestones set for the restoration of power to the Bahamian island of Abaco, following the catastrophic impact on the island by Hurricane Dorian in early September.

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) worked with US-based foundations to ensure funding was available to enable CARILEC to deploy linesmen to Abaco immediately.

CARILEC teams assigned to Restoration Zone 2 North Abaco (Coopers Town through Crown Haven) have met the deadline of November 3rd for the completion of all major repairs in this area. All pole replacements and high voltage and low voltage work have been completed, as well as the installation of temporary generation in the Coopers Town area, resulting in the restoration of the supply. “This is due in great measure to the efficiency of the teams, which has been greatly appreciated by all stakeholders”, the report said.

With the efficient pace of progress in northern Abaco, manpower has now been deployed to augment crews in central Abaco to fast-track the restoration of the island’s critical infrastructure, including the main hospital, government buildings, the primary air and sea port and the Water and sewer facilities.

According to the BPL report, work on the offshore community of Green Turtle Cay is ongoing, while the commencement of work to restore the last remaining northern settlements of Black Wood and Treasure Cay is imminent.

Through the CARILEC Disaster Assistance Programme (CDAP) the organization mobilizes technical, advisory and joint manpower disaster assistance to utilities in the sector from among its membership and its extensive network of international partners and Caribbean Renewable Energy Community (CAREC) MOU partners such as RMI. RMI and CARILEC have been working together for 5 years to provide learning opportunities for both CARILEC’s member utilities and for other regional entities interested in energy transition. RMI also secures funding for opportunities like the current linesmen recovery effort in Abaco.


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