CARILEC assists member utilities stricken by hurricanes

CARILEC assists member utilities stricken by hurricanes
Damage caused by hurricane in Bermuda.
Damage caused by hurricane in Bermuda.

PRESS RELEASE – Two countries sustained serious damage to the infrastructure as a result of severe weather systems. In the case of Bermuda, both TS Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo ravaged the island on October 11 and 17 respectively, causing considerable damage to vegetation and other structures.

There were 12 injuries reported and many roofs damaged. Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) reported that more than 80% of their customers were left without power.

On Monday, October 13, Anguilla received a direct hit from Hurricane Gonzalo causing damage to the electricity infrastructure. CEO of Anguilla Electricity Company Limited (ANGLEC) immediately sought assistance of CARILEC to repair damaged infrastructure and restore power to their customers.

Disaster response is one of the many benefits afforded to members of CARILEC, a service which is opportune during times of major disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, and volcanic eruptions.

In keeping with CARILEC’s Disaster Assistance Programme (CDAP), member utilities make annual contributions to the CDAP Fund in order that the CARILEC Secretariat could coordinate regional efforts to respond to requests for assistance from disaster stricken member utilities.

Some of the activities undertaken by the Secretariat under this programme include the deployment of Engineers to undertake damage assessments and line crews to carry out transmission & distribution line restoration work.

Successful implementation of disaster restoration activities calls for the CARILEC Secretariat to collaborate with member utilities requesting assistance and those providing assistance as well as with regional and international public and private sector agencies.

In the case of Anguilla, ten (10) linemen from VIWAPA of St. Thomas rushed to the aid of ANGLEC to restore power lines. From all reports, the restoration process has been expedited and crews are expected to return by the end of this week.


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