CARICOM Youth Ambassadors of St. Lucia extends condolences to family of quarry explosion victims

CARICOM Youth Ambassadors of St. Lucia extends condolences to family of quarry explosion victims

17409637_336903070039712_138687280_nPRESS RELEASE – The CARICOM Youth Ambassadors of Saint Lucia would like to extend its sincere condolences to the loved ones of those who passed during the devastating explosion yesterday afternoon (Tuesday March 21) at the quarry in Cul-de-Sac.

To those who are injured, we stand in solidarity with you and extend our wishes for a speedy recovery.

Dean of the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Corps, Saint Lucia’s Charde Desir, in speaking about the unexpected disaster, said “This unfortunate event affects us all. I cannot begin to imagine what the loved ones of those affected are going through. We can only hope that as a community, we can put our differences aside to support the families of the deceased, injured and missing.”

Saint Lucia’s Youth Ambassadors commended the ruling administration and the opposition party for its solidarity during this time. It is always heartening to see the deep political divide in our country being bridged during critical times as these. We would like to extend our commendations to the emergency personnel who executed their duties swiftly. To the staff of the Victoria Hospital, words cannot express how appreciative we are for the service done for the patients and their families during this unexpected disaster.

Female CARICOM Youth Ambassador Alisha Ally used this time to appeal for regular donations to the Blood Bank. She said, “Times like these remind us of the need to donate blood on a regular basis; you never know who will benefit and when it will be necessary. Apprehensions such as the fear of needles should not prevent you from saving a life.”

We would like to thank Martinique, our neighbour and friend, who has never hesitated to lend assistance to Saint Lucia during disasters. This invaluable support reminds us that the islands of the Caribbean, though independently governed, exudes a unique West Indian spirit that binds us.


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