CARICOM laying groundwork to restructure West Indies cricket

CARICOM laying groundwork to restructure West Indies cricket
Chairman of CARICOM's cricket subcommittee, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: CMC)
Chairman of CARICOM’s cricket subcommittee, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. (Photo: CMC)

(CMC) – CARICOM is pressing ahead with plans to ensure the restructuring of the governance of West Indies cricket, undeterred by the International Cricket Council’s request to have Cricket West Indies president Dave Cameron present at any meeting between the two bodies.

In fact, chairman of CARICOM’s cricket subcommittee, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, said the proposed meeting with the ICC was intended to be an open discussion and he expected that CWI would have a presence.

Cricket’s world governing body told CARICOM last week it was prepared to meet but would only do so with Cameron present, since “Cricket West Indies is our member”.

“I have no problem with that because what we have to say to the ICC and what we have to discuss with them, we’ll discuss it openly,” Gonsalves told WE FM Radio in St Vincent.

“There’s no problem with that, I’d expect them (CWI) to be there.”

That meeting, requested by CARICOM to convey the “desperate urgency” of the need to have West Indies cricket governance restructured, will not take place as hoped on the sidelines of the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government summit in London later this month, because of a scheduling conflict.

However, Gonsalves said the rescheduling of the ICC meeting would not prevent CARICOM from continuing to lay the groundwork for the implementation of a new governance structure.

“A few days ago I spoke to the CARICOM Secretary General (Irwin LaRocque) and we discussed the question of getting the consultants who provide a broad framework through which the legislation, due to be passed in our respective countries, so we are proceeding with our work,” the St Vincent and the Grenadines leader said.

At last February’s two-day Intersessional in Haiti, CARICOM leaders strengthened their position on the proposed governance overhaul, affirming legal advice which validated their concerns over CWI’s right to manage the “public good” of West Indies cricket.

According to CARICOM, “a legislative approach” was required if West Indies cricket was to be turned around, and best practices of governance achieved.

Gonsalves, who assumed the chairmanship of the cricket subcommittee two years ago, also re-stated CARICOM’s stated position, contending that “good governance and transparency” remained paramount.

“What the CARICOM Heads decided is that while we are not going to get involved in the management of West Indies cricket, it’s a public good and it just can’t just be managed by a private entity,” Gonsalves pointed out.

“It has to involve all the relevant stakeholders and this is how it has to be structured, complying with all the best practices of good governance and transparency.”

CWI has fiercely resisted any overhaul of its governance ever since the 2015 CARICOM-commissioned Governance Report – authored by prominent regional academic and UWI Cave Hill principal Professor Eudine Barriteau – called for the “immediate dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board and the appointment of an Interim Board.”

Cameron has since argued that CWI leadership must be “selected free of interference from governments”.


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  1. That there is simply a subtle way of grandfathering stupidity into the future of the youth of the region. Some people have such a vested interest in promoting absolute absurdity.

    What an achievement of grandiose meaningless cooperation! Which people on the face of this earth, other than Caribbean people do this kind of thing?


  2. Is this the mission of CARICOM nowadays? An entire bureaucracy for the region? Ballocks!


  3. Does the EU or the ASEAN countries take time and resources to restructure soccer, judo, Kung Fu, or any such thing? That my friend is risible. Boy, are those colonial mind people bootlickers. When W Indian cricket was in its heyday, those leaders did nothing to get others to respect us. We meekly accepted whatever was shoveled down our throats. We are doing it again. The rationale may be that we have even less clout than before.


  4. Why is CARICOM hellbent on driving forward whilst looking at the rearview mirror? Is there no voice in CARICOM with a vision to mobilize and empower people to create rewarding employment for themselves? Why is there so much utterly backward thinking?

    Are CARICOM leaders, so-called, only ready to develop and employ their populations with cricket recreation? It seems so to me.

    Stop the boring talk. Organize to put people work, to enable them to do rewarding work and lead meaningful lives. Raise the bar old chaps. Why do many of our political dinosaurs, especially the socialist ones have so limited vision?


    • Since they have no real ideas and no solutions for the real problems facing the people of the region, they must find distractions.


    • Some are just tired old horses, that a long time ago, should have been put out to pasture.


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