kenrick Lesly Executive Director of the Caribbean Community of Climate Change Centre *
Kenrick Lesly, executive director of the Caribbean Community of Climate Change Centre. * Photo credit:

The region is in a new era as the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre launched its newest tool which will help decision-makers gauge and implement climate resilient development.

The development of the Caribbean Climate Risk Management Framework, and its associated Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation tool, CCORAL, is a direct response to one of the actions defined in the Regional Framework for Achieving Development Resilient to Climate Change.

This Regional Framework and the landmark implementation plan, IP, were endorsed by CARICOM heads in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

Speaking at the launch recently, Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Senator. Dr James Fletcher is pleased that there is progress from theory to action.

“Over the years, the Caribbean has made significant progress in establishing the framework for addressing climate change.  For example in 2002, Saint Lucia adopted a national climate change adaptation policy and plan.  This was the first such policy in the English-speaking Caribbean and one of the first anywhere in the world.  Other Caribbean countries and the Caribbean community have since followed suit. And it is fair to say that the current desire is a move to meaningful action on the ground,” Dr. Fletcher said.

Executive Director of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, Dr Kenrick Leslie, indicated that CARICOM has recognised the need to address climate change issues. As a result, though the region barely contributes to the world’s carbon footprint, CARICOM has been at the forefront of the advocacy of climate change issues.

He said: “The Caribbean has led the way in terms of having a specific goal in how we address climate change.  And today is just one of the other areas that we are moving in that direction.”

CCORAL is designed to aid civil society, non-governmental organisations and the public and private sector take appropriate action in response to a variable and changing climate.


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