CARIBBEAN: Woman reportedly kills another after finding her at home with spouse

CARIBBEAN: Woman reportedly kills another after finding her at home with spouse

stabbing21-300x225JAMAICA OBSERVER – A woman was stabbed to death this morning after the lover of her male companion allegedly found the two at her home.

The deceased has been identified as Dianne Brackenridge.

Police have confirmed that the incident happened around midnight but the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) was unable to provide details at this time.

However, reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the woman, who is said to be in her early 40s, was with a male companion at his home in the community when they were surprised by the return of the man’s spouse.

An argument reportedly developed between both women, during which a knife was used, allegedly by the spouse, to stab the deceased several times.

She reportedly died at hospital.


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  1. She should have beat her like a drum cut her face up an things like that not kill I Dont think she even went to kill her but when a woman vex she gets strength she Dont know she have I sorry for her going to jail but this is self-defense she will be out soon


  2. Sometimes in the heat of the moment you're lashing out verbally, maybe calling the woman hoe and all and while your man is saying sorry this trick ain't no better and doesn't shut her ass but wanna argue with you. Lord knows I would kill both of them or better yet scar them for life. Some women just too feisty at the wrong time.


  3. At the woman's home? Nasty rat bastard and nasty triffling trick. The house she should have burnt because it's hers. She made a mistake killing the woman she should have just pass licks on her and give the man a Lorena Bobbit choopse


  4. An scorned woman is a deadly woman guess that's true. Now am pissed off at this woman. She should of kill his ass too is jail she going to anyway. No respect you bringing another in your wife house. This woman had no self respect to go to a man house he share with his wife. You sleeping with the woman husband in her house. That's just crazy. Now the Jabal dead, the wife in jail and man left to live his life.


  5. This is so foolish; first of all, if your husband stepping out on you the you should not kill him but take the sauce pan and give him a few slaps with it. Secondly, she kill the woman, what now, you go to jail, your husband divorce you, he gets the house and he can dive between plenty legs. Smart move!


  6. I see no where in this article where they were found in bed yet I see it in the comments. Smh. There is never justification for one person killing another so viciously. For all we know the other woman didn't know bout the wife. She take a life where she gonna end up. Find other ways to deal with your issues


  7. thats why i don't meddle in woman-man relationships.. let their cook their peas for them.. i bet the sos-air will feel guilty for the rest of her misery life


  8. And what honor did the other woman die with, found sleeping with a married man, shameful, i would feel sorry but Lord knows how much women wish they could do that and walk away free, these women too viscous


  9. Love is as strong as death. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Songs of Solomon 8:6
    I am sorry for the dead but I am empathizing with that unfortunate spouse. People please think before you act. Ask God for strength and walk away. When you have cooled yourself down enough then take the relevant action.


  10. We are not perfect.. We are also weak at heart.... But taking a chance going to the woman house where she lives with her husband.... Anything can happen,, this man should've known better... Killing another individual is not accepted.. Rage is also a disease to the mind... Rip babes... So sad to live this world in that matter...


  11. The wife has her rights. The husband should be at the morgue too.
    Woman needs to know their place for their sex . Not in another woman's bed.
    That's why conch has its own . She is in the right place . Dead.
    The law should set the lady free.
    She did cross the line.
    Supposing it was a burglar would she be wrong to kill his ass too.
    Our home is our privacy .
    It's my opinion


  12. Her husband never love and respect her. to have another woman come to their house. He is a cheating blasted.


  13. The woman should have remember that the man has a wife n should respect her house. It's sure don't sound like its the woman first time slipping into the house while the wife is out. Well she did not value her life n so it end in a shameful way. The husband need his fair share to. You disrespected that woman u vow to love n protect. Ur dick n eyes needed to be out. Chop chop. My first reaction but on the other hand just simply walk away or throw his ass out sell the house n move out would be a better idea.


  14. Why jail time as far as i know that jabal was trespassing on property. Men if come home to find another man in bed with your wife, you know thats crossing the red line


  15. Time these men stop their nonsense. You cannot bring another woman on your wife's bed. Thats nastiness. He should be in hospital right now for that indiscretion.


  16. Backward people believe that you should only love one person for their whole life, so stupid and ugly. Marriage causes jealousy and possessiveness. We in the Caribbean need to learn that in one's life to allow each other outside lovers.


      • Don't wish the sick and twisted ill. He/ She has enough problems that they are unaware of. A daughter would not help him/her improve. He/ she would teach that child his/her way of thinking and influence others. Do we want more than one him/her in St. Lucia? I think not!


  17. The husband must be breathing a sigh of relief. He is lucky that she didn't kill him too or do a certain radical surgery to his body.


  18. This is so sad,my sympathy for the grieving family and for the wife's family, because she is just a victim of circumstances that was uncontrollable at the time, but still it is the man whom she should of attacked because she is going to jail and he still is left to live his life however he pleases, while her freedom has been taken away.


  19. why des stupid women fighting and killing each other for man. This man had no respect for you but you will kill another woman for him. Laawd haf mercy.


  20. i am a man, but trust me, the wife should take it on the husband, the jabal would not have come if the husband did not invite her. although some jabals are emboldened to do so.


  21. They have to learn to find their own. Men will always have the need to wanna sleep with anything that wears a skirt. As women learn to hold ur status and say no


  22. Do your ting, but not at the person home. That is gross disrespect. Let d wife go, that it's not murder, it's a matter of principle.


    • True but she has to face the murder. Is the man she should a attack. Some of these men too so. You never know what he told the woman


  23. In the 1960s, remember one use to utter the words, "not me; that can/could never happen to me; when Mom would intervene, "no, no son; never say never!"...... remember!


  24. Wrong place worng time poor woman... But the man shoulda gotten his too cus it takes 2.. My condolences to the family of the decease