CARIBBEAN: Vybz Kartel and co-accused granted appeal

By Jamaica Observer

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264511_90625_reproJAMAICA OBSERVER – Vybz Kartel and his three co-accused were granted leave to appeal their conviction and sentence in the Court of Appeal yesterday.

Kartel, given name Adidja Palmer; Kahira Jones; Andre St John; and entertainer Shawn “Shawn Storm” Campbell hope to have their sentences for murder overturned.

Thomas Tavares-Finson, attorney for Vybz Kartel, described the development as an “important step in the appeal process”.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, he added, “It’s the first but critical step in the appeal process. A single judge, Justice Frank Williams, has read all the papers from the trial and determined that there are grounds on which an appeal could be allowed, so he has given the green light to proceed. We will move on to a full appeal in September. It is a limited victory, but an important moral victory for my client, as it reinforces the notion in his mind that justice will be served and he will be acquitted.”

The four were given life sentences at the Home Circuit Court in Kingston in March 2014 for involvement in the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Kartel will be eligible for parole after 35 years. He is currently at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Facility in Kingston.

His co-accused St John will do 30 years before being considered for parole. Jones and Campbell are to serve 25 years before they are eligible for parole.

Miguel Lorne, who represented Campbell at the trial and is instructing Bert Samuels in the appeal, said being granted leave to appeal is a positive development.

“They stand a good chance of winning the appeal. He (the judge) also gave reasons and some of the reasons are fairly solid,” he said.

Samuels was optimistically cautious.

“Leave is granted for sentence and conviction; that is taken to be positive for the appellant. However, it does not mean the appeal will be successful. We still have to fight hard to convince three judges,” he said.

He outlined the timetable set by the court.

“The Registrar of Court has set out a timetable for grounds and skeletal arguments by June 5 and by July we must file our authority. The prosecution must file their response by July 17. Therefore, the appeal is likely to be heard by the Christmas period or the term commencing January.”


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  2. Ignorant people I can't see this music it destroying the kids his music needs to band on national radio and TV

    • Lol..."his music destroying the kids"ppl like u need to stay off the forum for the sake of ur ignorance and stupidity...have u complained on the americanize telivision that we been viewing from day 1.have u complain about world leaders fueling genocides...atomic wars...vybz kartel has all soughts of music for the good the bad and the this day and age we dont need the radio or tv to listen...we get it right off the go plead to ur gov't to try controling this....and talking about the internet its the devils habitat.some of u just stuck in y'all 1960s no fear old age soon ketch urll.i like to share examples...most ppl like chicken,some BBQ some fried some stewed some boil some like it raw its still gonna be because u dont like it raw then u see a problem...b4 u try stopping vybz k vybz try stopping all those telivision stations that been portraying exactly what vybz is singing.....guns pucci,lavish lifestyle..bad mi how mi ute fi survive...??if we doh make monie??POLITICIAN COME PON TV AH SHOW WI DIS BIG PREETY SMILE??nutting ah funnyyyyyyy.

  3. All of a fools the music is evil it destroyed the entire Caribbean. So he could be out his violence and his bad word to entertain should not be played . All we do is think money and and where we came from .

  4. I refuse to be a follower. Can't be no gang member. I am the boss.

  5. Why are the Courts even entertaining this joker

  6. So if a man is a genius we must overlook his offence of the law? Well, well well. And we are so quick to condemn our St. Lucian brothers when they are accused of wrongdoing. Isn't amazing how we choose our "gods", how we stand up for one set of people, and how we chastise others. We are truly a people with double standards. But then again, I am responding to the two previous comments. I am persuaded to believe that the majority of St. Lucians are on a different "heights".

    • You to in your MC Shut Up dergg .. When Yall Grinding in a Dancehall to Vybz Kartel Yall erh saying nothing ... FREE WORLD BOSS

  7. Yeah right. He is a boss, so you want him free up, even though he ,is alleged to have broken the law. This is how we stay in this country. We are quick to condemn and shame our locals, even without evidence, but we big up bastards who teach our children fuckery like killing our detractors. And, according to these misfits, if you go to kill your detractor and you cannot find him, then kill him "poopa", kill him "mooma", wipe out his entire family. And we embrace this, big up these stupid asses, and cry out for their release when they are alleged to have offended the law. One day, we will pay dearly for our double standards.

    • Why Dont You Shut your M...t And If u Aint Supporting Kartel Dont Comment under a Post about him .. FREE WORLD BOSS

  8. FREE VYBZ KARTEL.....THE MAN IS A GENIUS...there is no concrete evidence tying him to any weapon no victim....just a total hatred from high society blamimg him for the ills of the jamaican society...when in fact he,s just mirroring the reflections of the era of time...

    • Get your facts straight
      The evidence against him was very overwhelming.

      He should remain in jail

  9. Free World Boss!!

    • If America can have Trump we can have Worl Boss. 🙂 But he needs to stick to music and not chopping people up.

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