CARIBBEAN: Venezuela committed to PetroCaribe agreement – Maduro

CARIBBEAN: Venezuela committed to PetroCaribe agreement – Maduro

maduro-petrocaribe-holnessCARIBBEAN360 – Despite facing economic challenges, the Venezuelan Government has reiterated its commitment to maintaining its arrangements with Jamaica under the PetroCaribe Agreement.

President Nicolás Maduro made the promise during a working visit to Jamaica yesterday, as he sought to allay uncertainty about his country’s commitment to the agreement, noting that both governments discussed the need to strengthen the scheme.

He said that was important, as the PetroCaribe Agreement has been successful in bolstering the economic and energy exchanges of the member countries.

“We are fully convinced that in the last 10 years, PetroCaribe has clearly demonstrated that it’s only together that we can reach development and (achieve) happiness for our peoples,” President Maduro said through an interpreter.

He noted that the meeting with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, and Jamaican Government ministers was marked by dialogue on cooperation and a strong will to continue efforts to further unite both countries.



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  1. Venezuela is in no position to commit to anything. This is just political grandstanding which St. Lucia ironically also finds itself guilty of. We put on a local façade that we can defy the US when it is them who control our financial system, the bulk of our tourism and not to mention our travel. So why is there no haste to appoint a DPP? Why is there no haste to fix the Justice System or open the new hospital? You think that Maduro is the only lunatic who is in authority? Well then, think again!


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