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CARIBBEAN: UK to build £25-m prison in Jamaica

By Jamaica Observer

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Jamaica's prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller and David Cameron in Kingston, Jamaica on Tuesday

Jamaica’s prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller and David Cameron in Kingston, Jamaica on Tuesday

JAMAICA OBSERVER – The United Kingdom is expected to construct a prison in the country to house foreign criminals being deported to live out their sentences in Jamaica.

The BBC said £25-million is expected to be spent on the facility.

British Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed this at Jamaica House a short while ago.

The project, the BBC said, is in an effort to break the impasse in negotiations over a prisoner transfer deal between Jamaica and the UK.

It is estimated that more than 600 Jamaican nationals are currently serving sentences in UK jails.

The deal is expected to save taxpayers £10m a year when transfers begin in 2020.

More than 300 prisoners are expected to be sent back.

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  2. "Inna me land, you no build no schools for black children
    Inna me land, no hospital for black people
    Inna me land, you built your PRISON"

    • Words from the song apartheid by Peter Tosh. I never thought of him as a pprophet but it is beginning to look as though I will have to start looking at him that way. This action by cammeron is so insultive to Jamaica that it stinks of human manure. He will not apologise for Britain's role in slavery nor does he considers reparation but he can build prison. Can't you see the idiot need a good lash with a bull's pistle

      • The UK could send the Jamaican criminals back without them having a prison. Portia and all asked for it before them being returned. Go and read for yourself if you not understand it.

        • You too fast, the Caribbean is always asking the UK for help but they are so quick to build a prison. Answer me this question, when was the last time did you hear the UK built a hospital or a school for us? Too quick to support our persecutors.

  3. In only 3 years the British will be saving money on their investment (net saving of 5 million pounds). Then the public debt of Jamaica will increase as they pay to house , feed and rehabilitate these prisoners who when immersed into society have very little chance of "reintegration" or integration which puts them at higher a risk for recidivism. The British are always acting in their self interest.

  4. why a prison!! doesn't he see it fit to give financial aid to the poor communities, or help the education and medical system intead! chooppsss !

  5. Tell Cameron let's talk reparations instead of repatriations of prisoners who are products of his society

    • Did you actually read the article? They re Jamaicans

      Reparations for something over 200 years ago. You want to profit out of something that didn't affect you.

      As the bible says, the children are not to blame for the sins of the father (or 8 fathers back)


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