CARIBBEAN: Two men caught in classroom were planning to have sex

CARIBBEAN: Two men caught in classroom were planning to have sex

Andrew_Classroom_De_La_Salle_UniversityBARBADOS TODAY – Normally, Harrison College would be a venue where students would be busily engaged in learning.

But last Friday night, other activities were taking place when a security officer at the school heard “noises” coming from inside a classroom. When he went to investigate, he found two men in the same classroom hiding.

When security personnel questioned the men as to what they were doing there, they said they were there “to have sex”.

Police were called and Ramon Akeem Quarless, 23, of Harmony Hall, Hindsbury Road and David Delisle Harewood, 38, of Jordan Lane, both in St Michael, were subsequently charged with being on the school premises on October 30 and being unable to give a satisfactory reason for being there.



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  1. Anyone surprised?? this is the "bulling capital" of the caribbean. they start young too. basically a young man gets "bulled" by an older man. then when he become older he search out young ones to bull too. then the bulling cycle continues .....


  2. Like why is that even worth reporting like seriously.... what if they said they were there to build a house lol like come on people like to just post rubbish on the net feed the general public with things that should just remain private....


  3. Two men cannot have sex. Sex is between a man and a woman or should I change it around it comes to the same thing between a woman and a man period


  4. It has always been said that this sort of practice has been common
    in Barbados, a behavior left over from Br. colonial days. I may get hell
    for saying this but I think it is a dirty filthy habit. Phyeueef.


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