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CARIBBEAN: Two earthquakes recorded off Barbados

By Caribbean 360

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CARIBBEAN 360 – Two 4.0 magnitude earthquakes were recorded off Barbados yesterday.

The first occurred around 1:28 p.m., about 122 kilometres northeast of the capital, Bridgetown. It was followed by another tremor at 4:39 p.m. at 140 km northeast of Bridgetown.

It appeared neither shake was felt by many residents.

The epicentre of both earthquakes also put the tremors at more than 230 miles east of Castries, St. Lucia and over 250 miles east southeast of Fort-de-France, Martinique.

The last earthquake recorded off Barbados by the University of the West Indies’ Seismic Research Centre was on August 7.

Prior to that, multiple tremors occurred daily off Barbados for just under a week and a half, starting July 16.

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  1. " Oh ye of little faith"

    Urella, you missed a little something, i.e. after we've paid all debts,
    appear to be clean in the eyes of earthly man, and we go from dust
    to ashes, what happens after that; is that it? tell us dear sister, are
    we then forgotten, done, gone never to be seen or return? oh, lovely.

  2. To be honest theres no miracles to prevent an earthquake in the caribbean. Whether we call on jesus or judus. We cant stop that,happening. The signs has shown us what to come. Why we are preaching the signs of times in church then still calling on jesus to protect us? That dont make no sense at all. Life is based on miracles if its on your side to live longer well that,will work out positively in your favour. If not,well ashes to ashes to ashes dust to dust. Reading bible cant protect any man because that same bible said. It is appointed for a man once to die. Pray how u want death must come no matter how it comes by storm or earthquake cutlass or gun. Wisdom is great the thing to life. Even an owl can bring death messages to u. Far-less natural disaster. Just make sure we are living this earth clean without owing people,used people,ripped off people,and murdered people for the vanities of this world.Thank you.


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