CARIBBEAN: T&T has limited resources to battle extremists – US general

CARIBBEAN: T&T has limited resources to battle extremists – US general

trinidad-tobago-isis-militantCNC3 – In January, Marine Gen. John Kelly warned that the number of Islamic extremists in the Caribbean intent on attacking Western targets had increased in the last year.

That same month Turkish security forces told Hurriyet that four Trinidad and Tobago citizens were among those who had been detained the previous year on suspicion of belonging to Isis.

He said that 150 extremists from the region had attempted to travel to join Isis in 2015, an increase on the 100 who attempted to do so the previous year, and the focus of extremists in the region had changed from travelling to Isis-controlled territory, to committing attacks on targets at home.

Security experts have warned that Isis militants from the Caribbean could travel to the US or Canada to commit attacks, or target western holidaymakers on Caribbean islands.

“It seems like the Islamic extremists and terrorists have shifted a lot of their message,” Kelly told reporters at the Pentagon. “Why don’t you just stay at home and do a San Bernardino, or do Boston, or do Fort Hood?’,” he said, referring to attacks on US soil by Isis ‘lone wolf’ terrorists.



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    You people just go about peddling a bunch of nonsense. This is what terrorism is in our country; the non caring for our fellow men and coming in the media to bragg about it and talk all kind of foolishness.


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