CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian woman violently beaten by babyfather at bar (see video)

CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian woman violently beaten by babyfather at bar (see video)
The accused and the alleged victim *Photo credits T & T Guardian
The accused and the alleged victim *Photo credits T & T Guardian
The accused and the alleged victim *Photo credits T & T Guardian

T & T Guardian – The 26-year-old woman videotaped receiving a severe beating with a steel object in a video which was circulated on social media yesterday has refused to co-operate with police investigating the incident.

Her refusal has caused investigating officers at the Arouca Police Station to consult with their legal team on whether or not the suspect, an Arouca businessman, could be charged with any offence. With her refusal to file a complaint, the victim has left police with a case that may see the perpetrator of the vicious beating walk free, despite at least seven eyewitnesses to the incident.

While the 49-second clip making the rounds on Facebook shows what seems to be a staggering amount of violence meted out to a petite young woman, the beating allegedly did not stop when the clip ended. The footage was recorded on Thursday. According to eyewitnesses, the beating continued for several minutes longer as the woman lay on the floor being kicked in her head, arms and stomach by the man.

The woman, according to eyewitnesses, had arrived at Nella’s Sports Bar on the Arima Old Road at around 1 pm, where she was having drinks with friends. Two hours later, at exactly 3.08 pm according to a time-stamp on security footage, the man, identified as the father of her child, walked into the bar and started the violent beating.

After the incident, the man lifted the young woman by her clothing and pulled her out of the bar. Less than an hour later, he returned and threatened to assault an employee at the bar after she had called him a coward.

See the viral video of the beating below:

OHHHH MY GODDDD but what de hell is this rasta you can't be on that level of lowness dread !!!! how you go push down kick up and beat the woman like a dog. Nahh man we have to find you and put you in JAIL you is de devil worse then demon !!!. anyone with info place come forward and give it to the Police. This is total madness….!

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  1. These outdated laws should be changed, there is video evidence, so what if she does not press charges. They waiting for her to be killed? What if that was a murder on video, the victim can't press charges.


  2. Oh please that man is shit. Even if a woman breakup with a man some men still get man an kill the women if they have a right. That man was wrong what he should of done was leave the woman an move on with his life...he is very disgusted jus like some men...


  3. Wow! He's beating her like that he's definitely done it before! Sad to say but if she doesn't leave him she will end up dead! And she's crazy not to press charges!


  4. am not saying that, it is right to happen to her or that men in general have the right to beat women but clearly she was having drinks with a other guy, could be a friend who knows. Men respect women and women respect men cause if i was the guy i wouldn't beat up on my girl like that but trust me i would be upset smh onelove be faithful everyone has a breaking point and have a level of stuff they can take..


  5. I did not view the video but I can imagine what went on based on the comments I've read. No real man beats a woman unless his life is in danger. Sadly, many women who are physically abused will not report their abuser. Why? Some believe they deserve the abuse, that they did something wrong, others because they feel they have more to lose (financial support etc.) and some women just don't know any better. They were raised in an abusive household and this is their idea of 'normal' behavior. Society itself does not condemn the behavior unless the woman is killed. A person must have a really low sense of self to accept this. Sad, just sad.


  6. She look like she was out with another guy and got caught so he beat her up. That still doesn't give him the right to put his hands on her. Young ppl listen to your parents today so you won't suffer like this tomorrow. A lot of times is curses put on us young people that causes shit like this to happen to us in the long run. We feel like we big man and big woman too early so later we suffer in our own silence some even die young. Listen to your parents.


    • Can't you flipping read??? The into to your statement was not needed chewps. She was out with two female friends you talking about out with man nonsense. What curse chewps


      • well i not sure if i cant read and see properly to but the article says she was out with friends i dont see anywhere it says if is male or female type of friends and also wen i looked at the video there was only a male friend siting with her at the table and then he left after the child father started beating her


      • That's wat I'm saying she wasn't out with any men,man just like to claim women like we're there property u know wicked men just wicked just imagine that woman washing cooking an cleaning for u and u could kick her like that god should curse him


  7. oh so i see what happened it seems that as his so called girlfriend was talking to another man her so called boyfriend confronted her and burst her tail cause if you look carefully she was seated at the table with another man and as soon as he struck her the other man got up take his things and splurt but that is to harsh to treat the woman so , that could have been handled differently he didnt have to kick the woman like a dog so but if she goes back with him then i not sure what to think . me that woman i would never go back to mate


  8. The problem is not with men.... its with women , who like to open their legs for all kinds of declasse sons of bitches... what do we expect from them,????? some women like bad man... because of some sick fettish. some of us women need to have some class and get men of equal class, men do not even have to make and effort these days because we women take them on, they not working, they smoking, they eh bathing, they smelling, they not groomed, their clothes dirty, we know they have a history of beating women and we still taking them... so wat you expect.


  9. This pig deserves the full extent of the law for treating the mother of his child like that. In the video its obvious she was with another man having drinks in the wee hours of the morning instead of being at home attending to her children. If you look closely you will notice that the man whom she was conversing with narrowly makes his exit and not even making an attempt to pick her up LOL. In spite of this I will never condone that kind of behaviour. This man is a brute I applaud the courage of the lady who tried to assist kudos to her. To the batterer he is a disgrace to all men.


  10. Didn't anyone notice there was someone there at the table with her...who got up,took their stuff and walked out? shm


  11. Look how the one she was with just up and leave.
    You know a lot of women and I am sure some men are afraid to cooperate with the police. Some of us will never understand why especially if we have never experienced this before. We just have to ask that we get the power and courage somewhere to walk away and leave that behind. We find all the reasons why we cannot leave and when something drastic like murder happen we will think of all the reasons why we could have left and wonder why we didn't.
    I am no expert but I am sure the abuse did not start off like this when they just started dating because she probably would have ended it. It probably started with those little acts of possessiveness and control that some women like to believe is because he love me he acting like that. Pay attention to the little red flags abuse does not have to be physical.


  12. Woman respect yourself and help the the law help you. This man could have kill you. If his is doing this in full view of people, what is he not going to do behind close doors. You have a child to think of. Pray for you and child.


  13. What could the victim have done to this brute to deserve that kind of treatment? Being in a bar at 1am drinking instead of being at home taking care of their child? Regardless you don't do that to the woman who has performed wonders with you. For your crime I say bring back capital punishment. Yes if there was CP I'm sure crime would be non-existent . You could never develop the ability for skin not to burn you when lashed with a whip.


  14. That y the men these kill they ass If she get that kind of licks in public I wonder what she getting in private .the child must be seeing all these violence .money these women like I hope the next time I hear about her is not her death .the law shoul make an example with these kind of men.


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