CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian police finds man, clad in underwear, with naked 9-y- and 14-y-o girls inside van

CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian police finds man, clad in underwear, with naked 9-y- and 14-y-o girls inside van

766686-kidnap-1411599508-869-640x480NEWSDAY TT – POLICEMEN recoiled in shock and horror yesterday when they found two intoxicated sisters, aged nine and 14, naked and lying on the seats inside a heavily tinted Nissan Navara van.

The 39-yearold driver, found clad only in his underwear and a jersey, was immediately arrested and remains in custody.

According to reports, at about 10.50 am, a party of officers led by Ag Sgt Ramlogan and including PC Leelum and others were on an exercise when they observed a heavily tinted black Nissan Navara van parked in an abandoned Caroni Ltd cane field near Cedar Hill Estate in Barrackpore.

Officers instructed the driver to come out of the vehicle and submit to a search, but he instead started the engine and drove off at high speed. Officers gave chase and the van was intercepted and forced to stop a short distance away.

The officers quickly surrounded the van. What they saw inside made them recoil in horror and revulsion. They saw a 14-yearold girl, naked and lying on her back on the front passenger seat which was reclined.



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  1. The Mother sent the girls to a shop some distance away. WHY do Mother always do that!!?? Is it laziness!?? Why not go themselves or do without until they can buy the product themselves!!?? I am now a grown man and my mother did the same thing to me, and I was frightfully scared being so young (I went to live with her at age 5); and sent to buy some food with a note. If you don't have, Cook something else or go yourself. Stop using children as slaves. Safety at home is bad enough, but to send innocent children out into the Wild World is Criminal.


  2. Well thank God this one was caught. Though it's a traumatic event at least and the lives of the two girls were spared and they can return to their families. Many of those pedophiles have a habit of strangling their victims.


  3. I am so disgusted. I just cannot understand why these monstrosities can't leave the poor children alone. I just want to vomit, I am sick of this kind of news, its just to much. God please protect our children, parents please try your hardest to protect our precious ones. This is just to much.


  4. Should chop off his private part right off does he have little niece "s or little children? God have mercy on his soul


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