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CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian ISIS soldier admits to local killings, urges muslims to wage jihad in homeland

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Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, whose birth name is Shane Crawford (far left), is a sniper for ISIS.

Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, whose birth name is Shane Crawford (far left), is a sniper for ISIS.

CARIBBEAN 360 – It’s no secret that several Trinidadian Muslims have left the country to join Islamic group ISIS. But in a candid interview, one of them, a sniper in the organization, admitted to killings in his homeland and urged Muslims still living there to wage jihad in the twin-island republic.

Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, one of the first three Muslims to leave Trinidad and Tobago to join the jihadist organization, told ISIS magazine Dabiq about why he rejected his family’s Baptist Christian faith and embraced Islam, and even went as far as urging Muslims who live in the twin-island republic to “terrify the disbelievers in their own homes and make their streets run with their blood”.

No dates were given in the interview but at-Trinidadi, whose birth name is Shane Crawford, spoke about his own “jihad endeavour” in his homeland. He admitted that he and a few of his Muslims brothers to took revenge “whenever the disbelievers in Trinidad would kill or harm a Muslim”.

“We would work to accumulate money in order to buy weapons and ammo. . . .We were successful in many operations, and this was only by Allah’s grace. Abu ‘Abdillah, my wife, and I were arrested at one point, but the police weren’t able to make a case against us. We were nonetheless charged for possessing guns and ammunition,” he recalled, adding that his computer and phones were seized and police found the videos, books, and lectures on jihad.

Trinidadian ISIS Soldier Admits To Local Killings, Urges Muslims To Wage Jihad In Homeland

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  1. This Trini is just an idiot trying to draw attention to his low ranking self. Is that all he can put on his CV? Unsuccessfully terrorizing little kids ?

  2. let me tell you something you .... dont come and bring your killings and negative vibes in the Caribbean ok!!!!! take that somewhere else. as a matter of fact stay where you are and do your crap but dont tell people to go and disrupt peaceful lives for some stupid cause you support that makes no sence, just so you want to terrorize people in their own homes they work had to build and pour blood in the streets what wrong with yall idiots. look here dont put people in your shate. so when this jihad starts in trinidad yall cockroaches and germs going to spread this to the other islands. i am living very peaceful in my country and as a tourism destination i would like it to remain this way please and thank you very much.

    • hey come on be nice, its the loving religion of peace, terror has nothing to do with Islam, at least that is what obama and hillary keep saying, welcome to globalism, by criticizing Islam you will get your free speech laws taken from you.


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