CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian ISIS members in video issues statement threatening world: “Your time is limited”

CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian ISIS members in video issues statement threatening world: “Your time is limited”
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A screenshot from the video showing one of the alleged Trinidadian ISIS members

A video claiming to show Trinidadian ISIS members is now making the rounds on social media.

The men, four in total, all claim to be Trinidadians living in Ar Raqqah which is ISIS’ defacto capital in Syria.

In the video, the men spoke of having comfortable lives in Trinidad before moving to the Islamic State-controlled areas of Syria.

One of the men could also be seen with his three children in the video. He also mentioned that his wife was present in the country as well.

A portion of the video showed children, in what resembles a school being asked various questions, by the person taking the video.

The final man seen in the video threatened the countries of the world, particularly those fighting against ISIS, stating that “their time is limited”.

An estimated 150 Trinidadians are reportedly fighting for ISIS in Syria.

See the video below:

Trinidadian ISIS Members Speak Out!ALARMING VIDEO: Trinidadian ISIS Members Send Strong Message to Trinidad & the Western World.Like WTF Trinidad For More Updates

Posted by WTF Trinidad on Thursday, November 5, 2015


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  2. The Muslim faith is a cancer spreading in the world. There is nothing worst than when a man's motivation is a radical religion...where he has no problem dying and killing innocent people. If you take a look at the teachings of this religion, it will scare you. There is no tolerance for any other faith. If you are not a Muslim, you are a Kafir, which means that you are an infidel or an ingrate. It is illegal for a Muslim to kill another Muslim, but not illegal for a Muslim to kill a Kafir.

    Now on the other side, the actions by the West make it so easy for these men to recruit persons all over the world. With the Security Minister that we have here, I am petrified.


  3. Let the most high God be praised and let evil men scatter like dust.God don't like ugly so we will see whose time is limited.I know I serve an awesome God and he doesn't approved of them evil.


  4. Chou zot! I leave yall there to die like dogs fighting for Isis! Leaving the West Indies to fight for crap! Allah my foot tonair!


  5. chou zot! I leave yall there to die like dogs joining ISIS and leaving the West Indies to go and fight for crap!


  6. Quite interesting that is what faith and those who are diehard believers in religion, politics,etc. will do to people.All religions are based on myths and ignorance of the faithful.Ask people what is God and they would come up with several responses that are quite different and confusing,referring to God according to christians =A father,a son and mother,muslims believe that God is not seen and God in Arabic Allah has no mother, father or son.Futhermore according to the Muslims those who make images of Allah and say that God has a mother,father or son has committed an offense that is not forgiveable.The world has to be educated about facts not domination and propaganda.I am not a believer of any of those religions but I am an energy just like the plants ,the sun ,the water,the birds, the wind ,the animals etc.I hope that the St.Lucian government is vigilant for we have many Trinidadians in our great country St.Lucia.



  7. This is a recruitment video targeted at the Caribbean. It is obvious that we are not immune from the terrorist activity taking place in the several countries around the world. It just a matter of time before terrorist activity reaches our shores. We are seen as soft targets, perfectly suitable to launch proxy wars against world powers like the US, UK etc. Are we prepared for such. Are we prepared to have our police forces ran over by terrorists. Our unemployed and delinquent youths might gladly join such organizations because they will be given a sense of belonging and more. Is our demotivated and dejected police force equipped for such eventuality? Or has our prime minister damaged it to the extent that the officers will just disappear in the face of attacks? Will our lovely country be on day soon under the control of terrorists? Time will tell. The sad fact is that if and when such activity reaches our shores those politicians who placed us in this mess will just pack up and leave. And the US will be too busy fighting their own terrorists to come to our aid. Sad is sad.


    • I even afraid to ask if government have considered that potential threat. Wait what am I asking? With the current Minister of Security ? Lord help us.


  8. With all what is going on in relation to ISIS and look in recent development a Russian jet was shot down , so that is another saga altogether, people might be less inclined to travel.
    It is high time we focus on diversification and not concentrate solely on tourism.


  9. The fact that those bastards mentioned they are from the Caribbean is already a threat being posed on the rest of the islands. It is just a matter of time before they think of heading this way to infiltrate.


  10. Just so. I could not even finish listening to this. That's how Allah wants you'll to spread his religion? By fighting and killing people???????????
    I am sure Muslims not endorsing that.


    • the majority of muslims dont believe in what they are doing ... why fight with people who arent fughting you/ they say its religion. the nations wouldnt come together to wipe them off the face of the earth if they werent out there killing innocent ppl? they fighting a war with themselves. stupid psychos


    • I don't think you understand the Muslim religion. One of their basic tenets is "the only good infidel is a dead infidel". An infidel is anyone who is not a muslim. There is NOTHING in that religion which speaks to tolerance or acceptance of other points of view. Their goal is world domination. Think about this. And if they we are only good when dead, guess how they will go about it? No prizes for the correct guesses!


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