CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian Central Bank Governor fired

CARIBBEAN: Trinidadian Central Bank Governor fired

AR-151229824TRINIDAD EXPRESS – CABINET yesterday took the decision to recommend to the President that the employment of Jwala Rambarran as Central Bank Governor be terminated.
It is understood that the acting President has signed off on Rambarran’s dismissal.
President Anthony Carmona is overseas on vacation and Senate President Christine Kangaloo is acting as President.
Under the Constitution she has all the powers of the President and therefore is the competent authority to act upon the Cabinet’s recommendation.
Sources said one of the key factors affecting the Cabinet’s decision was that the Government had several legal opinions which indicated Rambarran had breached the provisions of the Central Bank Act and the Financial Institutions Act.



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  1. A couple of years ago T&T made a deal with Nigeria (super corrupt country) to trade in oil products. WHY? Oil price is very low now also for liquid gas. So the coffers are almost empty.
    This guy of the central bank must have cooked the books. Or he is honest and refuses to cook the books and must leave in order to let someone else cook the books.


  2. Someone who holds the post of Central Bank Governor should never bring this position into disrepute. His successor should be someone of integrity who must always act in the best interest of the Trinidad & Tobago currency and economy whilst enforcing the Central Bank Act and Financial Institutions Act.


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