CARIBBEAN: Thieves steal entire ATM in Nevis

CARIBBEAN: Thieves steal entire ATM in Nevis

atm-stolenCARIBBEAN360 – Thieves on the island of Nevis have confounded police after stealing an entire ATM at the Vance Amory Airport and making a similar attempt at another location.

St Kitts/Nevis National Bank officials reported early yesterday afternoon that the ATM, which was located just outside the arrivals hall of the airport, was stolen.

According to police, the robbers left behind only the wires that had been attached to the machine.

And even as investigations continue into the bizarre incident, police confirmed they were also probing reports that another attempt was made to rob another St Kitts/Nevis ATM at another location.

Police confirm that bandits attempted to rob the machine on Tuesday night but were unsuccessful. However, the machine was damaged.



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  1. It's not rocket science.

    I'm surprised if they weren't dressed in something looking official to carry it off.

    What was left unsaid --- typically, so-called 'white label" ATM's are equipped with a GPS locator device (much like each and every one of your smartphones) that is not readily accessible or de-activated in the course of boosting a machine. That will make the machine very easily trackable. Also, ATM's are typically, on purpose, stocked and re-charged with fresh paper that's sequential. Good luck trying to use a few of that crisp sequential paper anywhere in the island unless it's one at a time for a roti by the side of the road. Even casinos ask questions if trying to cash-in-cash-out stuff like that.


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