CARIBBEAN: “That making sense?” – Trinidadian HDC housewife now a paid “celebrity”

CARIBBEAN: “That making sense?” – Trinidadian HDC housewife now a paid “celebrity”
One of the many internet memes featuring the Trinidadian.
One of the many internet memes featuring the Trinidadian.

TRINIDAD EXRESS – The celebrity status of Neisha Wattley, who became a household name after expressing concerns on television about a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) house allocated to her, has risen further to see the mother of four being featured in a party promotion video.

Wattley appears in a ‘promo’ for the fete ‘Bikini Bottoms’, where she asks the viewer, “You ain’t going Bikini Bottoms?” and then delivers her now-famous phrase, “That making any sense?”

Wattley became a topic of national conversation and was made the subject of internet memes after a TV6 interview in which she found the location of the HDC house, in Freeport, to be inconvenient.

The interview that made her famous.
The interview that made her famous.

She said the location made commuting and getting her children to school very difficult and she wanted to be relocated. Wattley noted her lack of ownership of a vehicle in relation to her location and asked, “Dat making any sense?”.

The comments did not sit well with citizens, who accused Wattley of being ungrateful, which she later denied, saying she was in guidance in adjusting to her new life.

Wattley and her family were previously living in what they described as a shack in Chaguanas.

Her husband, Kris Rambahal, later dismissed his wife’s complaints and said the family will be staying in the house.

Contacted yesterday on how the family has been coping since the start of the new school term, Wattley said it’s been “hard” but they are “making it work”.

She said her son has gone to stay with his grandmother in Chaguanas, to make his commute easier, while her three daughters have remained in Freeport.

Wattley said, however, that since her story was aired, she’s yet to receive appliances and furnishings from Courts Trinidad and Tobago, which had donated $20,000 worth of goods to the family.

She was asked to write a letter to the household furnishings chain, Wattley said, to clarify whether or not she was accepting the HDC house.

“So we still haven’t received anything and the children are sleeping on the floor,” Wattley said.

As for her promotional stint, Wattley said she was approached by the company behind the party to do the advertisement for a fee and she said “yes”.


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