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UPDATED: Storm wreaks havoc on Dominica (see videos and photos)

By SNO Staff

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da6Reports of deaths, major landslides and flooding are coming out of Dominica as Tropical Storm Erika blasted the island for several hours.

Unofficial reports are that at least four persons are dead and several others are missing.

Images coming out of Dominica show houses being washed away, and motor vehicles and buildings under water.

The islands two airports at Melville Hall and Canefield are flooded.

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  1. This can happen any way so instead of thinking that god is doing that for they sins.Let us make sure we are right with God.My prayers go out to my friends and people of Dominica.

  2. Let's hope that their pain , and their loss are quickly recovered.

  3. A fraction of the wrath of the Almighty upon Dominica for their sins against the Haitians and ppl they forcefully unconstitutionally expatriated from their land.....the world and God stood in awe of such the world and God is watching the awful dread and terrible price they now are paying.

    • Dominica is not the same country as Dominican Replubic @ AsISeeIt... Get it right

    • Who ever you are, go read your bible, ( the rain will fall on the just and unjust) be careful little tongue what you say. Don't wish bad on people or a country

    • LOL idiot

    • If you knew Dominicans you would first learn that its not the Republic of Dominica but the common wealth of Dominica learn some history then open your trap and to let you k ow something s about us we always pray to the Almighty God so before you talk first get a life and we are not asking you for any thing because you don't have to give have a bless day.

  4. Praying for you our brothers and sisters

  5. Wow, how scary, hope the screaming person made it alive!

    • Exactly. I have been thinking about her all afternoon, that if part of the building right next to her washed away, what was the fate of the section she was in. Oh Lord have mercy.

  6. Wow!! Mother nature is wrecking havoc on DA. Lord please bless and keep the people of DA safe

  7. My heart goes out to the people of dominica, I know exactly what they are going through right now. We in St.Lucia experienced that magnitude of flooding during Tomas and the Christmas eve troth.

  8. cauld you tell me what those oils are for and the price thank you


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