CARIBBEAN: St. Vincent Prime Minister says UWI not producing enough leaders

CARIBBEAN: St. Vincent Prime Minister says UWI not producing enough leaders

ralph-gonsalves-7402CARIBBEAN360 – The University of the West Indies (UWI) and other tertiary institutions in the Caribbean have been criticized for not having any programme in place to produce more leaders.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says that while he supports the UWI, he is not satisfied it’s doing enough to nurture initiative.

He made the comments as he delivered the feature address at the launch of the UWI, Cave Hill Campus Faculty of Social Sciences 40th anniversary celebrations.

“The issue of leadership for development is evidently of great importance. Unfortunately, in none of our regional universities, including UWI, is there any structured programme to develop leadership,” he said.

“It is mistakenly assumed very often that the acquisition of a university degree somehow offers leadership qualities upon the graduate,” Gonsalves added, noting that he had personally seen bright, young people come out of university but when placed in the workplace, they had no initiative.



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  1. Not enough? None whatsoever! All the foundation work on what the CARICOM region was made by those largely if not totally trained in Higher Ed overseas!

    When one looks at the stark reality that lecturers in politics and government and law from UWI Cave Hill which was designed to help the OECS region and the results, you would want to bury your head.

    Today, we have a graduate/lecturer who on three separate occasions could not perceive anything wrong and goofed regarding agreements, and contracts that resulted in the loss of capital, patrimony and treasure from the Treasury.

    When regurgitation is what passes for education at UWI, the egregious blunders are inevitable. How can those with little more than titles grab and arrogate to themselves jobs when they know precious little, the critical thinking glaringly absent in the education at the UWI, this results in serial goofs.

    The CSME, the brainchild of UWI academics too, created a financial monster. The results` with respect to savings caused CLICO to wipe out the savings of those who invested in insurance products throughout the region. The loss must have shaved, on average, 2-3% GDP growth of the impacted countries ANNUALLY.

    The multiplier effect of the creation of money is the key issue here.


  2. Ralph is typical of the academics and the doctored degrees now in Caribbean politics, a complete waste of time. These guys just talk with their mouths and dont mean anything they say. they say it because it sounds nice not because they practice it. Ralph like the other politicians in the Caribbean are engaged in jobs for the boys where talent and education does not matter but whose ahse you kiss and who u supposed to vote for. Its about gettin their wife, son, daughter, sister, aunty, uncle, and friend a job and overlooking educated and capable persons in the caribbean. These persons usually leave them hanging and search for greener pasttures. so politics without any regard for what it takes to make a country develop is what is killing the Caribbean not UWI. all the doctored egos want at the end of the day is a yes man and a brown-noser, no other criteria matters. thats what arrogance and ego does. it is destructive to the fullest. u cannot have development with that mentality. thats what our problem is. each doctored don think that the little island is his turf to do as he please; case in point


  3. Gonzalves, Kenny Anthony and most of our politicians in the region are aexactly what he alludes to. the fact that most of them train under UWI and essentially none of the can really solve any of the issues plaguing the Caribbean, like good governance, and of course, making way for new leaders, not hogging the political landscape.UWI must also be teaching you guys to stifle the youth in that regard, unless they support de party.
    So please come again with that comment. They create leaders alright, Its just that the leaders are no good, power hungry, book smart only, sons of UWI.


  4. The OECS politicians are stifling leadership by placing all the wrong people in leadership positions. When we move away from giving positions because you support a particular politician we will see leadership emerging.


  5. But Ralph, what took you so long to come to that conclusion? But you and Kenny Anthony are good examples of your observation. UWI is only known for producing good medical doctors apart from that,most of it's graduates are parasites, always reaching for a government handout or job, never willing to take risk on the self employment ladder. We have an exceedingly high amount of these characters in St.Lucia . If we in st.lucia had to rely on these characters to drive the economy, this country would not even be worth visiting.
    Look around and see the people who are the driving force behind this economy? People that haven't even seen the grounds of a university. The university grads who are self employed and doing well in st.lucia are graduates from international schools like the USA, England, Canada etc. (that's my observation),those schools prepare you for the world upon graduation.
    It seems to me that UWI grads lack innovative skills, take for example Phillip LaCorbs. This guy has been twice attorney General and now minister of justice. What's going on here? Is this guy unemployable outside of the public service. If you cannot make it in your profession of choice then switch to another.
    Anyway I have always heard that leaders are born and not made.


  6. I will have to disagree here.
    Can leadership be taught? Is it a quality that one is born with or one aspires to based on life experiences?
    Who ever thinks having obtained a degree means leadership qualities is conferred upon them would make me question their intelligence.
    There are plenty examples of people who never finished tertiary level education and can be described as leaders.

    Then again do some people really understand the definition of leadership?
    And Ralph having a degree does not mean that you should be able to demonstrate initiative. For all you know some of the bright young people had to hurry up find a job to pay their student loans so the job they are at is not where their heart is. I am sure most of them just settle.


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