CARIBBEAN: Smoking weed does make you lazy, scientists confirm

By Caribbean360

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smoking-weedCARIBBEAN360 – Drifting in a pleasantly lethargic daze has long been associated with smoking weed, and a new Canadian study has confirmed that, in rats at least, the main psychoactive ingredient in the herb causes laziness.

The new research, which was published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, examined the effects of both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the drug’s main active ingredient – and the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD) on the lab rats’ willingness to exert cognitive effort.

The researchers began by training 29 male rats on two different challenges, with rats that successfully completed the more difficult task earning two sugar pellets, and those that chose the easier task earning just one.

Under normal circumstances, the rats picked the harder, more rewarding task. The same rats nevertheless chose the easier task after being dosed with THC.

CBD, which does not produce a high and is believed to have medicinal benefits including the treatment of pain, epilepsy and even cancer, neither impacted the animals’ cognitive behaviour nor blocked the cognitive impact of THC.

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  1. Many studies have been done on alcohol and tobacco but not much on marijuana.

    Some think it's a "herb" from heaven with no ill effects...

    Dream on...

  2. wow its amazing the lenghts some government and agencies will go to give Marijuana a bad name. it has been proven to be a cancer killer. also helping children with seizures and so much more. now how the hell you want to compare a rat to a human. i am not even bothered by this rubbish story.

  3. & drinking rhum makes you what?

  4. Breaking news... water is wet. You smoke to chill not to go solve the socio economic issues.


  6. Another attack on the herb. Does the drinking of alcohol and the smoking of tobacco cigarettes increase productivity?


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