Caribbean Rastafari Organisation to host executive council meeting in St. Lucia

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The Caribbean Rastafari Organisation (CRO) will be holding an executive council meeting in St. Lucia from Friday 27 September to Sunday 29 2013.

The purpose of the meeting is to strategize and prioritize the programs of the regional network for the next five years.

The CRO which was conceptualized out of the International Rastafari Conference, Trade Fair and Cultural Expo held in Bridgetown, Barbados from August 17 to 27 1998 has as its main aim and objective:

“To organize and centralize the Caribbean Rastafari communities through sustainable trade and developmental programs and activities in pursuit of our ultimate goals of Repatriation with Reparations.”

On Sunday 29th September, there will be an open house reasoning at the Vieux-Fort Primary School on the subject “Reparations” in light of the decision taken by the Caricom heads to pursue reparations for Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Caribbean slavery and native genocide.

An invitation has been issued to the various rastafari mansions and organs in St. Lucia to be part of this discussion as the CRO is expected to produce a position paper on Reparations to be presented to the Caricom Reparations Commission.

Sunday’s meeting is expected to commence from 4 pm at the Vieux-Fort primary School and all other interested parties are welcome.

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  1. merenptah Asante Nya

    And on her forehead the words were written


  2. These guys need to get in touch with reality – period.

  3. “righteousness shall cover the earth like the water covers the sea”

    • merenptah Asante Nya

      I look forward to the day when Ras Tafari, does not smoke ganja as a cigarette, but as a ritual in the true sense of belief, instead of the fulfillment of a base pleasure. And I am glad that the concept is not like religions where children are subjected to sexual slavery by the clergy disrespect of the triune as warranting a fatwa against such persons and a possible impi agains their family, and for calling I&I arian and ism. I&I still say, Come and reason together, and that is good. Even the insult by calling father Jah a thug, a smile rather than a weapon will do. Love is greater than any weapon of Waaaaaaaaaaar! And music is the rhythm of life. It is the key to the wonder of love. Jah Ras Tafari!

  4. You can get flights to Africa easily now. Nothing to stop you going. I suspect no one will go though, as UK/USA/Canada is the land of milk and honey..

  5. nice groop of people.. 1 love.

  6. Rastas should not be representing black people. Why don’t they just go back to Africa then? Rastafarianism is a another stupid religion, and their Messiah Haile Selassie was just another low-life murdering thug.

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