CARIBBEAN: Public outcry in Jamaica after alleged rape video goes viral

CARIBBEAN: Public outcry in Jamaica after alleged rape video goes viral

rape (1)JAMAICA OBSERVER – The Centre for Investigations of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) has commenced a probe into an apparent rape video posted to Facebook yesterday.

The user who posted the video has come under heavy backlash since.

The footage, which is a recording of sexual intercourse between a man and a seemingly unwilling female participant, was posted from the account of a man Facebook users allege is 25 years old.

The sobbing female could be heard saying “Odane no, Odane no”, while begging him to stop.

She said, “Odane please, you wouldn’ waan nobody do your sister so, so please!”

The sobs continued.

“But yuh diss me,” the man argued. “Odane please,” the female begged again.

The dialogue continued with him warning the female: “Weh mi seh? Stop di ….noise. One word out a yuh mouth an me shot yuh a bax.”

The video has attracted several unfavourable comments with angry Facebook users accusing the man of being a rapist.

A post to his profile since the video went viral reads: “All who a talk bout rape get this in a unnu heads, mi neva rape from mi born…”



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  1. G.W. you are as unintelligent as they come. Common sense would tell you there is a difference between the local dialect (patois) and the formal language (English). Your own writing could do with some grammatical corrections. Check the records, Jamaica has one of the highest passing rates with top scores among Caribbean countries. Did you expect formalities to be carried out during such a heinous crime??? Clearly you lack phonetic awareness because if you are having a headache reading patois, in which letter pronunciations are the same as standard English, you DO NOT have a command of the English language.


    • go and screw your self the letter pronunciations might be the the same but the dialect in saying it out in respect to someones' accent is totally different in the circumstances of different countries


  2. GW you really need to start caring about what you post as your recent comments about the Jamaican dialect only makes you look very foolish. The beauty about us is that we know how to switch between Patois and English. You may not understand the dialect and that's fine. However it is not smart to criticize something you know nothing about.


    • i beg to differ i think you are the one who is foolish because you didnt seem to understand in my comment that firstly i was stating how i felt it being difficult to read what he is saying properly and making sense out of it and secondly i was just asking a general question on how the cxc or other exam they have for English is being done since i don't live in Jamaica. i think yall should learn to read people comments properly and see what they are actually trying to say before you all say what you need to say smh. (and at the end of the day am the one being called a critic smh )


  3. My gosh that Jamaican slang is murdering the English language, i tried to read that post this guy put there i got a headache and i had to read it many times to try and understand what he is saying ,to hell with it i didn't even bother finish reading it . Do these people do cxc english and if they do i wonder who corrects the paper if they have a hard time or maybe they have a Jamaican do it


    • LOL I guess there are six angry jamaicans and many more to comment lol but I don't care that's how I felt for true


    • Jamaican Patois and English are two different languages. Jamaicans do not have a problem passing their CXC's because they are smart and intelligent enough to know that patios is NOT English and there is a time and place for the use of both.
      Maybe you should do some research before you start bashing other countries and come off as ignorant.


      • first of all in case you got me wrong i was not bashing other countries i was just simply stating that it was very difficult and hard to read what this guy was trying to say in their slang,second of all i asked if they do cxc english not to say that they are stupid but to find out if they do cxc english or do they do another type of exam for english cause of the slang they use, it was just a question not a ridicule and thirdly if Jamaicans dont speak English then what words were coming out of his mouth french? or maybe Spanish? as far as i can read and see it is neither one of these or any other, despite the fact that its not pure or correct english like maybe how the Americans or the united kingdom would use and what we are used to hearing and writing, it is still English just written in a different way as this is just the way they speak and the slang that they use, so to say that Jamaican patois and english are two distinctively different languages as to say french is a distinctively different language all together from Spanish i would say you are wrong cause i am positive that if you ask any jamaican what is their language or what language they speak they would never say they speak Jamaican patios they would say english every country has its own type and kind of patois


        • We don't need to explain to you. What I think you should do is mine your own business! Jamaica is a popular country, i believe the old world know jamaica an know that we speak english and we also use our dialect patois, u are just ingorant and trying to be disrespectfull ! If you dont know anything about our country why reading our news you should mine your own business.


          • apparently i read the news on SAINT LUCIA NEWS ONLINE and not JAMAICA NEWS ONLINE if they have that there, so as to saying mind my business is total ridiculous as the news is everyone's business so i think that is why they put it there so that everyone should know


        • sigh...lack of knowledge, I just had to comment again. Please note there is no one English. I am a trained linguist and I know what I am saying. Please refer to my other response. I simply feel the need to correct you because you have given me a headache. In Jamaica we speak English and Jamaican creole. The Jamaican creole is a mixture of English (a term i use loosely) and it encompasses influences from our african heritage. an example of this african influence is reduplication for eg when we are trying to say somting is pletiful we reduplicate creole words like "nuff nuff" or english words like "plenty plenty" to show how large or plentiful somthing is. Jamaican creole should not be mistaken for broken or ungrammatical English as our Jamaican creole follows the same svo word order and still obeys the tenets of language. With this being said the majority of Jamaicans speak Standard English well, Just asking, what language am I typing in now. May i ask? I am Jamaican but I can "brukk inna di patwa to like wa mi a do now si mi a chat patwa now." Do you see the difference? Educate yourself.


          • I don't care if you have all the education or knowledge in the entire world or if you are a linguist or a linguine for all I care cause the people with the most knowledge are more stupid than they think because they always feel they so smart and know it all .there is only one English language my dear not two or three the people who maybe don't speak the same type of English speak it in different slangs which is what makes their pronunciations different and makes it seem there is more than one english


    • I am having a difficult time understanding your poor grammar myself. What was actually being done here is a term linguist refer to as "code switching" he was mixing both patois with english. The Jamaican English language ranges on a scale from basolect to acrolect and the majority of us can speak the entire range and will apply the particular area at the respective times, now based on the situation this man is in the range he chose is quite acceptable. Please bear in Mind Jamaicans are always successful in their endeavours once they choose to. We speak both English and Jamaican creole and the term English is left up to interpretation as there is no "English English" there is American English, British English etc and even British English has many dialects which are offical. I could go on and on. As a linguist myself trained in Jamiaca (said country you just criticised) I am very disturbed by your comment. Please do not speak to which you have no knowledge as it makes you look quite ignorant.


      • Why waste your time explaining to St Lucians. If in 2015 they don't know official language of Jamaica is English and Jamaican creole is second. There are those who will never know.


        • lol I agree, Lucian it makes no sense to argue with a person whose mind is too limited to grasp basic concepts. I am out. lol. Mr or Ms. GW is speaking how a typical lay person would speak. The only difference is he is not willing to learn. Its a pity common sense isn't that common after all.


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