Caribbean opposition parties out of touch says PM Skerrit

Caribbean opposition parties out of touch says PM Skerrit
Skeritt said opposition parties have a profound sense of ignorance on how government functions

(DNO) – Opposition parties in the Caribbean are out of touch with many of their citizens and the realities of running a country, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said.

He spoke in relation to the win of Dr. Keith Mitchell in Grenada who trounced the opposition, National Democratic Congress and led his party, the New National Party (NNP) to victory by winning all 15 seats in the March 13, 2018, general election.

“Sometimes oppositions don’t take time to understand how government works and how government functions and how government raises revenue to meet the needs of its citizens,” he said on state-owned DBS Radio on Wednesday morning. “So often times you find opposition parties engage themselves in criticisms that are baseless, that is in many instances devoid of facts, devoid of any truth, devoid of any real understanding and appreciation of the realities.

He said sometimes opposition parties are out of touch with the needs of citizens.

“And in many cases, these criticism are out of touch of reality, they are not consistent with the views and the needs and the aspirations of many of the citizens,” the Prime Minister remarked.

He stated that the being in government and running a country is not an easy task and citizens in the Caribbean, including Dominica, should have a great appreciation of this.

“Just reflect on our own family situation and the challenges which we normally have at this family level, far more for a government that has the responsibility of all of the citizens and to meet the needs of all of the citizens,” he said. “So they engage in generalization and generalities but not with specifics, nothing constructive and a profound sense of ignorance on how government functions.”

Skerrit stated that this is the reason why when opposition parties in the Caribbean sometimes get into government, “they are unable to perform because they had a completely different perspective of what government is.”


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