CARIBBEAN: Octogenarian made to sleep with dog, sustain beatings

CARIBBEAN: Octogenarian made to sleep with dog, sustain beatings
Cybil Smith
Cybil Smith
Cybil Smith

KAIETEUR NEWS (GUYANA) – An 87-year-old woman who spent sleepless nights selling elastic in the city to ensure that her son had a comfortable life yesterday revealed how her only child repaid her.

Cybil Smith of Lot 278 West Ruimveldt, spoke about how her grandchildren threw water on her in the middle of the night while she was asleep and her son did nothing to help his mother.

“I does sleep on the floor and when they (grandchildren and daughter-in-law) passing, they kicking me and then, they does throw water on me while I am sleeping and say that I am stink,” the elderly woman claimed.

The woman said that she wholeheartedly accepted her son’s family into her home and they threw her out.

“They put me to sleep next to the dog outside and when the rain falls, my whole skin does get wet. Rashes coming out on my skin because of the dog I am sleeping next to,” Smith said.

The woman added that she was living in Alberttown but was forced to move when the house she was living in, was given to someone else.

“I searched and I searched for a place until I met with a woman and she said she has a house here and that’s when me and my son moved in here.

“My son started to get children and he asked me if his children’s mother could move in and I said yes,” Smith recalled.

According to the woman, from that day, her life took a turn for the worse. She said she endured years of abuse at the hands of her son’s wife and his three children.

“They took a bucket and hit me in my head and burst it. The neighbours have to give me food.”

The woman said that her daughter-in-law held her by her feet and dragged her down the stairs.

“They don’t know what is grandmother. They curse and beat me. They put me out of my own house and I have a son but he does nothing.

“I want to leave, I can’t take it anymore. My own son has his mother sleeping next to a dog and in the rain although she has a house.”

Yesterday, when Kaieteur News visited Smith, she was seen sitting on a bench in front of her house with her clothes stuffed in two bags. Neighbours related the daily horror in the elderly woman’s life.

“If we don’t give her food, she won’t eat. If you know what this old woman does go through. We tried to get her into the Palms but they full and we don’t know where to go to next,” one neighbour related.

Cybil Smith is pleading with the relevant authorities and the Minister of Human Services to assist in getting her into a home.


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  1. Boy, you better go down on your knees and ask the Lord and your mother for forgiveness and mean it too. Look at her as your mirror and trust me, you will see yourself and your own future. I am sure she raised you without a father and see today what you are doing to her. What your children are doing to her is what you and your wife is teaching them as the way to treat an elderly person. You will soon enough be as old and weak and she is and your children will do to you what you both taught them. May hell fire descend upon you and your wife. You will both suffer and eat the ticks from dogs, use the fallen hair from dogs as your toothbrush. The neighbour's chiildren will remember what you did to Mama Cybil and they will not give you their food. You fools, wicked, dirty, hard hearted evil husband and wife, judgement be upon you both, it is coming soon.




  3. God not sleeping whatever u did to your grandmother and your mother it will come back to u .god will be with you mother and he will keep u love u I wish I was there to take u in


  4. Very sad to hear about that, u will get ur reward God has given u the strength so far, what i don't understand is don't she have any family and friends. Can't any see something is wrong with her son something has been done to him he can't be in his rite mind pray for his eyes to be open so that he can see what his mother is going through


  5. Well you have to honour your mother and father.Thata what the most high say.So my brother you have pay the price for the way you,your woman and you children treat your mother.

    YOU NEVER,EVER put another woman above you mother.NEVER


  6. I feel sorry for the lady but I am scared for the people who abuse her as their lives me be miserable. They will get it back in folds


  7. It's amazing how many of us can comment here and express our disgust but if we look through our own windows, we may see worse. Many times, I have sat and listened to elderly persons at the homes recall the journey that resulted in them now living in a senior citizen's home. Some are even worse than this. I feel for this little old lady especially if she was the only one working hard to raise her son. I personally wish I could take her away from it all. "Honor your father and your mother" this is the first commandment with PROMISE. hmmm.




  9. Omg how can u stay Der an let sum one abuse ur mother omg I love my mother so much to see all she went throw with me I going to make sure I take good care of her till her tines cums so for that family don't expect nothing good in ur life ur mother grandmother are one of the main reason u alive today


  10. Don't worry his children and his girlfriend will take advantage over him and after the grandmother is the only one with you who's taking care of u thts so sad????????


  11. Karma is on it's way to you (son ,wife,kids). How dare you treat the lady like that? The truth is ,if i cannot stay in my own house, they would not either and i meam just what i say. That wife/kids mom is nothing but a sorry ass and they are dragging up their kids instead of bringing them up. They will live to endure that same treatment they are giving to the lady.


  12. Shame on them. What they don't realise is that they will pay for what they are doing to this lady. They too will be old one day .if your girlfriend can treat your mom like that, what make you think she will treat you ant better if or when you get older. To the kids mom, what make you think your kids will treat you ny better if or when you get older. You parents are dragging the kids up. Pause and bring up your kids up so that they may have a blessed life. If this lady was kin to me, i would take her in and those wicked wrecks would have to figure out where would they have to move next , because i would go on a " rampage" with them. God bless u mummy i pray that a door will open for you. They will need that water they are hroughing on you some day ,they will find i th but not be able to use it.


  13. This is so sad ? my heart goes out to the elderly woman, I can't understand how the son can tolerate this behavior sons are usually very close with their mom,most likely she has a hold on him. My heart goes out to her,poor lady. God will most certainly help this is a case of Lazarus in the bible. I love you lady, May God bless you!!!


  14. Don't you worry God please send someone to care for her.... Such a sad moment... It would be so nice if the government set up some fund to help her....I don't have much but I can send something


  15. Oh Mama, I am so sorry you have to endure this from your own child. I pray that you get help. If you lived here, I would have taken you in without a second thought. God Speed! I hope somebody give her a hug, she is in need of some compassion.


  16. In all of your shock and displeasure and upset. Not one post saying you will help. Let me start the ball then. Put how we can get some assistance to this elderly lady. Give an account number controlled by the newspaper. Is she is of absolute sound mind so she can access the funds herself and can we all be guided how to help. In my mind the son and his children and woman are none issues. The police need to deal with them all and then God definitely will. That said all this talk and no action. Somebody in Guyana please set it up people will help. But we want accountability for every cent toll the day she draws her blast breath.


  17. The son is already doomed. He just doesnt know yet. When the poor lady dies his curse will begin and its gonna be harsh. God does not like ugly. Not even his baby moma and kids will be able to save his ass. And for the baby mama and the kids your turn will come.


  18. Heartbroken, too shock for words, tears for this precious lady. God almighty put a hand and save her please


  19. Reading this brought tear to my eyes. This is NO man at all dont even kno wat kind of a creature this is. Even animal show love 4 each other. But god is in control. Wat he sow is wat he will rip. Let us pray for this family


  20. these Guyanese DOGS...Nothing surprises me when it comes to Guyanese.They seem to always want to be "right",think they the smartest,when in fact that's the opposite.This story right here describes 70% of Guyana.


    • hello slow ur roll as must as its heart breaking and my heart goes out to the family every country have good and bad and if me a guyanese have to judge all lucian for what some lucians did to me that wont be fair i hate when ppl living in glass house and throwing stones st lucia is not a perfect country blame the idiot for what he did this is inhumane chupzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #ihopeuandeveryonewhereufromperfect


      • You are so right. Lucians are very wicked people. I went through my share with them too. I am not saying all. But the majority are wicked bastards.