“We will promote that our oil is for Venezuelans” – new Venezuelan Parliament to revise Petrocaribe agreement

“We will promote that our oil is for Venezuelans” – new Venezuelan Parliament to revise Petrocaribe agreement
Photo credit: El Universal
Photo credit: El Universal
Photo credit: El Universal

EL UNIVERSAL – Tomás Guanipa, Secretary General of opposition party Primero Justicia (Justice First) and re-elected deputy at the National Assembly, asserted that the qualified majority won by opposition coalition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD) would promote a social agenda.

He also urged the government to “listen humbly” what voters conveyed at the ballots on December 6 in the parliament vote.

Guanipa explained that the new National Assembly to be installed in January will revise international oil agreements the government has signed through oil alliance Petrocaribe.

“We cannot continue selling oil due in 20 years when we need resources immediately. We will promote that our oil is for Venezuelans,” Deputy Guanipa remarked.



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  1. I guess those who are only interested in their pockets and also those who want to see St Lucia fail must be rejoicing this moment. It's only a matter of time.


  2. he he he shall hop .... Kenny you getting plock from all angles .... final plock in the ballot box... T-croix


  3. Politics is a game of alliances when you think the alliance is in your interest. Such alliances are never natural like they are god given and they never last forever. Just like they have a starting point is the same way they have an end. This is because circumstances are dynamic.....they change. So before I go about rejoicing at what the newly elected government of Venezuela said in relation to its Oil I will analyse the new situation and see if it will be to my gain or lost. I know some opposition politicians have praised the new government. All I have to say its their prerogative. But what is curious is what alliance these politicians wants to see establish between St Lucia and Venezuela.


  4. When Chastnet and the UWP warned about this deals SLP and their hacks bombarded them .NOW THE TRUTH IS COMING TO LIGHT. Worst off the fuel from Venezuela would be the same old fuel heavy we had before the non foamy diesel and heavy gas that was messing up engines. We say no to fuel from Venezuela, Why do you think LUCELEC did not buy from them or signed the agreement. Kenny and SLP stop bluffing St.Lucian


    • Can Chastanet and the UWP request an investigation into the dealings of Kenny and the Venezuela people's money.


  5. Well Well Well! Oil Well! Guess we should have used a little due diligence before we lifted up our skirt for the almighty dollar.


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