CARIBBEAN: New Jamaican dancehall craze: women wash hair in dance

CARIBBEAN: New Jamaican dancehall craze: women wash hair in dance

mackaJAMAICA STAR – Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond has sparked a new hair washing dancehall craze following the release of her song, ‘Weave’, produced by Marcus Myrie.

The comedic song tackles the practice of women wearing unkempt weaves. However, Macka Diamond said she did not expect the song to kick-start a craze in the dancehall, leading to women washing their hair in the public setting.

“This took me by surprise, I wanted to do a mix-up song and me and Marcus came up with the idea, so we collectively put it together in the studio. We took it to Waterhouse, and as the DJ played it, I notice that ladies started to wash their hair, and from there, it went viral; people just start follow,” Macka Diamond said.

The Dye Dye singer says the craze has helped to draw more attention to the song as she is now receiving calls from media personalities both local and internationally.

“Even today, Roderick Howell call me and sey him want do an interview about the song. Sunshine also hit me up about it, and that’s how I know that it is a good look. The girls are pretty crazy for doing this, but what can I say; it’s dancehall – and now the song gone,” she said.

The iconic deejay says due to the popularity of the craze, she and Marcus will now have to amp up promotions for the song.

“Big up Marcus the Young Boss. Right now, the way things are going, we will have to move quicker with promotions. We will be filming a video because when tune hot, yu haffi duh dat. I was initially looking for a winter highlight, but now it also seems like the song will take piece of the summer,” she said.

The deejay recently turned down the opportunity to perform at Reggae Sumfest as a part of Lady Saw’s history-making show-closing set.


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  1. Stupidity of epic proportions.
    Dear Lord, please do not let this ignorance get pass the shores of JA. Amen.


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