CARIBBEAN: Men arrested for practicing obeah in Antigua

CARIBBEAN: Men arrested for practicing obeah in Antigua

0001-700x475The police on Tuesday arrested Sandeep Gangadharaiah and Krishna Chennai Madras both of India for being involved in the practicing of Obeah.

Acting on information, the police armed with Search Warrants, conducted a search on a Rohan Henry Street property occupied by both men, and found several pieces of evidential materials believed to be used in the practicing of Obeah. Both men were arrested and taken into custody. The items found were seized and taken to the station pending further investigations into the matter.

The Police Administration is reminding members of the public that it is an offence, for anyone to be engaged in any form of Obeah or any form of Supernatural Practices, or even act as a consultant in such matters; in accordance to the Obeah Act, Cap 298 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.

Under Sections 5, 6,7,8,9 and 11 the Obeah Act, it clearly states that: Every person practicing, or in any way concerned in the practice of obeah, or using any subtle craft, means or device by obeah or otherwise shall be liable to be imprisoned for any period not exceeding five years or 12 months as the case may be.

The Act went on further to state that any person, who pretends or professes to tell fortunes, or uses any subtle craft, means or device, by palmistry or otherwise, or pretends to cure injuries or diseases ect, has committed an offence the Act.


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  1. How they sure is Obeah? These Indian men may have been practicising Hinduism. That's a slippery slope. No government should arrest persons for religious beliefs unless the practices break other laws. Eg human sacrifices, child marriages, animal abuse or vandalism. What a farce!


  2. This Act was imposed by the plantocracy. They were afraid of the powers of slaves beyond the physical realm. All the plantocracy controlled, all they could enslave was in the physical realm. They feared the culture of the African, the spirituality of the African, the same way they feared them playing drums as a form of communication from plantation to plantation to start rebellions.

    This Act is a remnant of a very evil past in the region and should not hold such weight in the laws of the islands today if we say we are progressive and try to show more developed countries that our freedom years have stripped us of such gross ignorance.

    During the days of slavery, little old ladies were wrongfully accused of consulting with the devil when all they did was brew chamomile tea which made a master fall asleep quicker.

    These very same techniques, are used globally in the greedy pharmaceutical world. You have chamomile tea in your cupboard, does that make you a witch doctor?

    I'll stop here, before I get to the marijuana subject.


  3. Why don't they convert them from Voodoo to Christianity. That way they can give up one non-existent ghost for another.


  4. Why don't they go and arrest the church leaders who rob people. The biggest liars and thieves are in the church. Imagine Obeah is against the law...what happen to fortune tellers, palm readers and people who propheize about God telling them what will happen. Tooo much foolishness the police got time to waste.


  5. Now i would have thought if these guys are Indians whatever it is they were doing had nothing to do with our voodoo but own Indian thing. If it was not Obeah - but their own Indian mystery practice (good or bad) - could it be the case that there is no grounds to arrest the Indians.


  6. U people are fools go back and do your history voodoo is part of our culture .... its a religion Antiguan are just a bunch of ignorant people.... Funny thing is you St »Lucians act as if you never taken part in voodoo or believe that it works... (ask juke bois) he can tell you of the stories...... bunch of hypocrites.... I live with a roomate and he is from Haiti and he practices voodoo and I have no issues with him I don`t take part in it but I don`t see him as any different than me he is practicing what he believes me and I could careless.


    • "Funny thing is you St.Lucians act as if you never taken part in voodoo or believe that it works."
      Are you not St Lucian? The folks caught were involved in something called Obeah. That is something different to Voodoo. Why are you bringing Voodoo into this?

      Voodoo is practised not only in Haiti but all over the Caribbean. In St Lucia it used to be called Kele. In Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico it is Santeria, It is a religion like any other. It formed a fusion with other religions thereby creating a mosaic and a cosmos.

      You go on to say that you share a house with a Haitian who indulges in the practice of Voodoo yet you don't partake in it. How do you know he indulges in the craft in the first place? Not unless you are a participant. Who are you trying to fool? You are only fooling yourself. I can see right through your statement. If anything your riposte smacks of hypocrisy.

      You went on to say 'Funny thing is you St »Lucians act as if you never taken part in voodoo or believe that it works.' That statement says a lot about your thinking. You try to give the impression that you are not a willing participant but by the same token you have just contradicted yourself with your last sentence 'believe that it works' - Otherwise why would you say this? You must be seeking this man's help from time to time.

      Most Voodoo ceremonies are done in private. If this man is performing any rituals he will do it in his room away from prying eyes. The only time you will know he is practising is if you are in the room with him partaking and indulging in the ceremonies. These Indian boys were most probably putting together some craft from their land of origin -namely India.

      When I was living in Haiti as a young boy the religion was widely practised. They say 'it takes one to know one' and that is certainly true in your case. Stop trying to put down your people with your self-important comments. St Lucia, Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean is all one lovely paradise. 'All are we is one' as the Trinidadians would say. As for me my religion is to do good. I love St Lucia, Haiti and the entire Caribbean.

      I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.

      Malcolm L'Overture
      Haitian - Lucian
      Berlin Germany


  7. look at the evil these fellas doing and people say there is no god if there is evil there is good so if there is a devil there is a god


  8. That practice is nothing but a scam. Another way to make easy money. I would imagine the cops over here would be afraid to dismantle their operation. Too many believers.


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