CARIBBEAN: Memorial service held for Canadian woman killed in Grenada

CARIBBEAN: Memorial service held for Canadian woman killed in Grenada

imageCTNEWS – Linnea Veinotte, who went missing in small Caribbean island of Grenada on Dec. 6 and was later found dead, is being remembered for the sparkle in her eyes and kindness in her heart.

Veinotte’s friends and family gathered Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lunenburg, N.S. Sunday to celebrate her life and say their final goodbyes.

Veinotte’s sister-in-law Chasidy Veinotte says family was the most important thing to her.

“Remember her as a devoted daughter, loving sister, adoring wide and proud mother to Lucas and Isaac, and of course as a friend and much-loved colleague to so many,” said Veinotte’s sister-in-law Chasidy Veinotte-Dorey.

Veinotte went missing Dec. 6 after leaving for a run on the southern tip of Grenada. Her husband, Matt Veinotte, said he believed both his wife and their dog had been struck by a vehicle.



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