CARIBBEAN: Married man caught kissing 13-y-o schoolgirl, fined J$150,000

CARIBBEAN: Married man caught kissing 13-y-o schoolgirl, fined J$150,000

gavel-slider_w504JAMAICA OBSERVER –  KINGSTON, Jamaica – A 30-year-old married man who was caught by the police kissing a 13-year-old schoolgirl in an abandoned building in downtown Kingston, and making plans to have sex was today slapped with a J$150,000 fine when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.

The man, who had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault, was ordered by Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey to pay J$100,000 or serve six months on the first count and J$50,000 or six months on the second count.

Before the man was sentenced, his lawyer told the court that her client was a devoted Christian and husband of four years who has acknowledged that his behaviour was inappropriate.

The lawyer also urged the magistrate to consider the social enquiry report in which her client was described by members of his community as hard-working and industrious.

According to the lawyer, members of the community said that her client’s behaviour  was “out of character”. But Pusey told the lawyer that her client should be imprisoned for his actions.

“This is the kind of nightmare that most mothers lay in their beds at night worrying about,” she said. ‘The only thing working in his favour is that the she had consented to it and she was not coerced.”

The police caught the man kissing the teen in an abandoned building on Orange Street in May. According to the police, the accused had met up with the teen on previous occasions and had been planning a date for them to have sex.

Tanesha Mundle


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  1. Hello people the man is not a pervert! Its young girls like that growing up not knowing their worth, and they prefer "vanity" over education. Many things can be attributed to this girl's action and note it was conscentual.Long gone are the days when carnal knowledge played a roll in society.I am not condoning the man's actions but.sometimes the opposite sex has to get the blame aint no more "man from mars and women from venus" bs for our female offsprings is who ready and willing to land the big jet pon d runway anytime anyplace come what may and tell morality go to hell!


    • Sounds very much like you are condoning this 30 year old man's behavior. It does seem that this child does not know her worth as you said, so this 30 year old should be teaching her her worth, not abusing her. It takes a village to raise a child and you should be ashamed that you are part of the problem putting the blame on the child. She need guidance and this is what an adult should do , guide and protect but some of these men these days all the do is prey on misguided children and people like you blame the child.


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