CARIBBEAN: Jamaica’s Yohan Blake moves woman from chicken coop

By Jamaica Star

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HouseB20160503CJAMAICA STAR – Sophia Afflick once lived in a chicken coop in St Thomas with her children. She had moved from her house in Commodore, Portland after she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2010.

“I fell in a serious case of depression. I wanted to lay down everyday and I felt like committing suicide and I never wanted to be around my children. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at Princess Margaret Hospital in St Thomas, and my sister was living in that parish, so I decided that it was best to move there for treatment,” Afflick said.

Having journeyed to St Thomas to stay in a two-bedroom house with one of her sisters, Afflick said she became very uncomfortable.


“Sometimes, I sleep on di sofa so that mi two daughters could share a bed with my sister’s children. It was really stressing for us. We needed our own space,” she further stated.

After a while, Afflick said she and her sister started experiencing conflicts, so she left.


“There was an abandoned fowl coop in the yard and things became so desperate that I decided to fix it up as best as I could and live in it. We neva have no furniture. All I had was two baskets with clothes fi me and di children with one small table and a second-hand mattress. That’s all we had, but we felt safe and we had more peace of mind,” Afflick said.


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  1. `my name sake thanks for your good deed your blessing is countless. you are a true star that shine to brighten's someone life

  2. wow that is it my G, you did well and God will bless you much more and open more doors for you.

    now these are the stories i like to hear instead of all these other stupid stories about rich people and how many cars they own and other senseless things they own like this guy who bought some jewelry for his was it six or three year old daughter or what ever age she was whilst there are people homeless starving and dieing out there.

  3. Well Done Blake. I hope the woman can get medical treatment as well.


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