CARIBBEAN: Jamaica’s Popcaan fined for battery of police officer in Antigua

CARIBBEAN: Jamaica’s Popcaan fined for battery of police officer in Antigua

front-2-popcaan-ANTIGUA OBSERVER – Dancehall artiste Andre Jay Sutherland, recognised by his alias Popcaan, has been burned by the law and convicted of two charges.

Popcaan appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday and pleaded guilty to the offences of battery of a police officer and obstructing a police officer.

The magistrate ordered him to pay $1,000 for each offence to avoid six months’ jail time.

After sentencing, the dancehall star apologised to the police officer in question, who has been identified as Corporal Randy Francis, and told the magistrate “I love you”.

Popcaan was represented by Jermaine Rhudd, Lawrence Daniels and Michael Archibald.

No deportation order was made and the singer is free to return to the twin island state.

Reports indicate the man has already paid the fine and is expected to leave the country today for Tortola and then St Lucia.



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  1. If it was such an assault as they purport it 2 be he wouldnt be charged ONLY $1,000.00.


  2. Popcaan do none to this officer but simply tried stopping him from shoving a fan off the stage.... I dont care much for popcaan but i do believe in fairness... So if i a citzen see an officer treating someone in a manner that is unfairly i should allow it cause pushing the officer away wud be assault on an officer.. Where does that sound fair... Being an officer does not give u a right to treat anyone inhumanely.. He dis not attack the officer or approach him in any way that was violent to cause such a behavior from the man


  3. Look at the video !! Popcan intentions was not to fight or obstruct the officer..he was just puttin peace ..he know his fans love him bad !! So he just wanted the guy to go harm..the officer is the aggressive one with nall that trala !!! Security must secure the artist not beat them..if popcaan say lou d mun y not lou him?


  4. The authorities here should keep their eyes wide open when he gets here and use team effort when confronting him if/when he gets out of hand.


  5. stay away from having these big entourages. i bet you he never even looked the cop way but that entourage is something else


    • Stop talking shite in the first place y the police touch to man if popcaan never have a problem with it the police man shouldn't have a problem with it


  6. i wonder if he really meant that from the heart or is it he just did this so that his name will not be stained for instance being banned and stuff like that . so much for the phrase unruly lmao


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