CARIBBEAN: Jamaican teen to sue state for alleging he is linked to ISIS

CARIBBEAN: Jamaican teen to sue state for alleging he is linked to ISIS

ISISManWithCheckeredMaskJAMAICA OBSERVER – The 16-year-old St Mary boy whose name was linked to terrorist group ISIS after he was refused landing in Suriname and sent home to Jamaica, in early April, is expected to file suit against the State this week.

The teen, whose father is Muslim, is expected to ask for several million dollars for damage to his reputation and over his detention, the Jamaica Observer has been informed.

The youth made headlines when he was sent home from Suriname in early April, on allegations from law enforcement officials in that country that he was travelling to Turkey to join the Islamic terror group.

He was held in State care in Jamaica, while the police probed the ISIS allegations, before being released on April 22. The court, however, ordered that he be supervised over a two-year period.

His father told the Observer in a subsequent interview that security minister Peter Bunting needed to apologise to his son for comments he made regarding him, and that the police needed to apologise as well.



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  1. Visiting relatives was he?? Sixteen years old and travelling alone to a WAR ZONE?? Anyone (Lawyer or whoever) that claims this man should be awarded money should themselves be made to give him the money out of their own pockets. What will he do with the money? Let me think who he will give it to and get back to you.


    • But who are you to judge.... there is always a true story we need to find out the real truth because if this can happen to the young man what about your rights don\t you think that this could also happen to you... rather interesting that the caribbean islands are so involved in this ... wonder where all this information is coming from .... I'd love to see the evidence


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