CARIBBEAN: Jamaican Shanique Myrie accused of abusing husband in the US

CARIBBEAN: Jamaican Shanique Myrie accused of abusing husband in the US

shanique-myrie-accused-of-abusing-husbandCARIBBEAN 360 – The Jamaican woman who successfully sued the Barbados government five years ago is facing a court in the United States for allegedly beating her American husband.

The Jamaica Star is reporting that Shanique Myrie has been charged with assaulting Troy Pusey – who has also secured a protection order against her – in Harford, Maryland, and will go to trial on May 5.

She confirmed to the newspaper that her estranged husband has accused her of chasing him with a knife, and kicking and punching him.

But she also claimed that Pusey, whom she met on Facebook before marrying him three years ago, was emotionally unstable and was trying to get back at her for walking away from their marriage.

She said Pusey was trying to make her “look bad in Jamaica’s eyes because he knows that I’m well known in Jamaica”.

However, Pusey told the Jamaica Star that while Myrie had always been “a little bit spicy”, she only became abusive after she got her US green card.


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  1. Hayyy..heyyyyyyyeee! What's new about dem females choopse tun....should be a Canadian husband she had.....Swift deportation to JAM.


  2. I did date a Jamaican woman briefly in the UK.
    She claimed to be a Christian, but whenever we had opposing views of Biblical Scripture, she would get in this "trance" and begin to Rebuke me very loudly (like I am the Devil in the flesh). I had to dissolve the relationship and move on.

    I would hope not all Jamaican Women are so mean or badly behaved.


  3. Her green card should be canceled by the court. Cause that's what she wanted not mr.pusey.


  4. A little bit spicy eh? Careful with the real Jamaican jerk seasoning because under certain circumstances it can be too hot to handle.


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