CARIBBEAN: Jamaican reggae artiste Etana lashed over support for Trump

By Jamaica Observer

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231084_58176_reproJAMAICA OBSERVER – Facing backlash over her support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Etana has apologised to Jamaicans for endorsing the controversial real estate billionaire.

“My recent remarks were made against the background of the real fear of terrorist attacks and acts of random violence that are so pervasive in the US right now. But I realise now that

I cannot give in to this fear…we cannot build walls to lock ourselves in and other people that we fear, or we run the risk of isolating ourselves and losing our humanity, a quality we must protect at all costs. We must not allow fear to allow us to lose the best part of ourselves, the ability to love unconditionally, and to connect with our fellow men and women, regardless of their beliefs, religion, or ethnicity,” the singer said in a statement.

In Monday night’s first debate against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Hempstead, New York, Trump was repeatedly challenged about his controversial claims that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

Interestingly, the 33-year-old Etana is known for songs such as Wrong Address and Roots which tackle forms of racial profiling and promote black pride.


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  1. What about oh am not afraid.

  2. jump high, jump low, Trump will be the next U.S president. Americans are great pretenders the ones who do not support or pretend they do not support Trump, are just trying to be politically correct, that is just a front. I n their hearts, the majority of americans(the whites.) are just as racist as Trump and subscribe to Trumps views and come election day they will vote their hrearts.

  3. I’m sorry, any black person who endorses or supports this bigot and racist is just lost and don’t understand the history and plight of blacks brought to American shores and the Caribbean as slaves. Trump opens up all sorts or racial wounds. This man was relentless on trying to prove that the first AA man was an American citizen. Of the many sitting Presidents before Mr. Barack Obama, why didn’t he pursue them for the same proof of citizenship? Right, because they were all of White European descendants. Trump is sc*m.

  4. Wow, better late than never!

  5. Lady Etana has right to support whom ever she likes and agree with. The ignorance people of jamaica and the caribbean enjoy sufferring because the Democratic Party president Bill Clinton demo and destroy their banana industry with the WTO. Look at jamica, it is the but hole of the caribbean because clinton crush their industry. Fact check it, and stop being an emotional freaks

    • You seriously think Donald Trump like BLACK PEOPLE? Especially Jamaicans ?????? Girl Go back in your Ghetto Jamaica yard and sing your dirty little songs over your yard. You are BLACK and and your views don’t matter neither do your endorsements to Trump.

      Go wash that stinky weave off your head.

  6. I mean everyone has freedom of choice but I don’t think no one was expecting her to endorse a man who has countless instances where he comes off as racist, belittles women, immigrants and many others. She is not following the teaching of her own music….I wonder how her fellow Rastafarians feel about it. Would be nice to hear some of their views.

  7. At least she admits she was motivated by the worst motivator of all ‘Fear’ with a bit of ignorance mixed in.

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