CARIBBEAN: Jamaican politician commits suicide

CARIBBEAN: Jamaican politician commits suicide
Faye Reid Jacobs
Faye Reid Jacobs
Faye Reid Jacobs

JAMAICA GLEANER – Politician Faye Reid Jacobs is believed to have killed herself last night.

The police say Jacobs was found dead around 8.30 last night in Long Mountain, St Andrew.

The police have not released the circumstances of the death, but it is believed that she drank a poisonous substance, some of which was found beside her body.

Jacobs, who was a businesswoman was the Jamaica Labour Party’s Westmoreland Central candidate for the 2014 by-election.

She was beaten by the People’s National Party’s Dwayne Vaz.


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  1. i dont think this woman killed her self willingly she must have been forced by someone with a gun to her head to make it a clean murder and make it a suicide so people would actually believe she killed her self


  2. Kenny Politics again!!. He promised the injection of 100 million $ into the economy to create job opportunities. Jobs, Jobs. Jobs. Creative Industries... Jobs. NOT this time. Too little too late!!


  3. Wowwww.. I knew this brilliant mind.. She was a facilitator at several Credit Seminars I attended here in St. Lucia.. that sucide ting is a sign of the times we living in for real..


    • Helloooo political hacks...... is this because things are so bad in St. Lucia? What did the government or the opposition did this time? stupid ppl blaming everyone except themselves for their stupidity.


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