CARIBBEAN: Jamaican man denies fleecing British tourist of £10,000

By Jamaica Star

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CafferyA20160807CJAMAICA STAR – A Jamaican hotel worker who was the subject of a scathing article in the UK Mirror yesterday feels his job is now on the line and that his reputation has been ruined.

Caffrey Brown, entertainment coordinator at a hotel in Negril, told THE STAR that he was left “surprised and confused” after reading the story which claimed he fleeced his British fiancEe out of PS10,000 (J$1.6m).

Louise Chesney, 24, told the UK Mirror that she left her 45-year-old man for Brown, whom she met at the hotel.

“She made a mistake and is trying to cover her mistake by painting me in a bad light,” Brown told THE STAR.

Chesney, who said she was left penniless, and her fiancE, Paul, were in Jamaica to plan their dream beach wedding. It was then she met Brown, who she said she spent lots of money on.


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  1. You cannot make a who a house wife...Nonetheless it is a bad thing for a good thing the intended husband should be happy he did not make the mistake to marry that

  2. So she "Rent-a-Dread" and later realized that she could not afford the rent.
    Many of these white female tourists come to the Caribbean with the secret fantasy of "going native" and having an affair with a black Caribbean man but soon get the rude awakening that the natives are not naïve and that the "Congo Man" will eat you out until his stomach upset.

  3. Why buy the milk, when you can have the cow for free.lololololol.

  4. Never heard this one before LOL

  5. Pure case of he say she say..nonetheless these things do exist even in bigger countries...
    Cougar seeks cub... smh

  6. smh i am reading this story and i am disgusted at this girl. as we in the caribbean all know these people come to the caribbean having the intention some of the time to have affairs or even to find love with a black man especially since they have that notion about black men a much better well endowed, in her story she said she saw the guy walking just in his shorts and fell in love with him after shaking his hand. i mean if yall had something then thats your business cause you had no reason to be going on vacation to get married and then to be falling in love with a black guy at the sight of him. you were the one who insisted on spending your money carelessly, you yourself made a statement saying "I couldn't help myself," she was quoted as saying. "The chemistry between us was insane. Then we kissed. I tried to resist, but I couldn't." so then that does seem that you couldnt resist on spending your money on him also cause you had to have him. its not like the damn guy put a gun to your head and forced you to spit out cash, now you want to complain you racked up in debt and you also dumped your husband paul for brown. come on lady just admit it you fell for the GLO Ko Ko and from the looks of it mate must had to put her on her back more than once and she liked it .

  7. I don't understand. If was the woman she would be right. She paid for a service, literally. Such dealings don't come with money back guarantees if the customer is not satisfied. You want to blame the man for fleecing yet you not blaming yourself for being too nasty? You came there with your finance for god's sake.

  8. Don't go chasing waterfalls

    Money cah buy love money cah buy respect

  9. Girl you've been had.
    Most caribbean hotel workers, men and women do the same thing. They are all looking for a ticket to leave their country,, Barbados is the most stable, they are a proud nation.

    I wish you a good outcome.

  10. Yes, she made a big mistake by getting involved with you. You leech.


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