CARIBBEAN: Jamaican Finance Minister brings marijuana to Parliament

CARIBBEAN: Jamaican Finance Minister brings marijuana to Parliament

SHAWHEMPRJR ONLINE – The Government of Jamaica has reiterated that it will be relying significantly on the establishment of a legalized marijuana and hemp industry to achieve the level of economic growth it has set itself.

“Jamaica cannot afford to miss this boat. Where there is no vision the people perish so we must change our mindset and get ready for success. We must be bold while ensuring we meet all of our international obligations,” Finance Minister Audley Shaw, declared while opening the 2016/17 Budget Debate in Parliament on Thursday.

In that regard, he said he would be leading by example in his own constituency of Manchester North Eastern, taking steps to prepare farmers for their legitimate involvement in the industry and to establish extraction facilities to process and create value-added products.

“We will build an industry in Jamaica where we process and manufacture value-added products and not export raw materials. This is about an opportunity for small farmers who will now earn from land which is presently sitting idle,” he said.

This, he said, was important to Jamaica’s Tourism industry “where Jamaica will be positioned as the medical tourism capital for the world bringing Health and wellness to the world.”



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  1. While St.Lucia sits idle and waits for someone else to do it first. Why are we always followers? Where's the originality and innovation? Acres and acres of Bananas? Really? One of the most profitable crops to grow on the planet is lavendar amongst others. Wasn't that hard to obtain this information. Colorado became one of the fastest growing cities in America after they legalized marijuana. Wasn't that hard to find this information either. We have soil that if you pee on it, an ammonia or sodium tree would probably grow. Could you imagine? I guess not. End rant. Get it together people. Seriously.


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