CARIBBEAN: Guyanese woman rescued after attempting suicide by jumping off bridge

CARIBBEAN: Guyanese woman rescued after attempting suicide by jumping off bridge

timthumb.phpNEWS SOURCE GUYANA – Quick and heroic action by two motorcyclists who were riding across the Demerara Harbour Bridge has resulted in the life of a young woman being saved.

The young woman, whose name has not been released, had just jumped from the top of the bridge into the Demerara river, when the motorcyclists hopped off their bikes and went into the river behind her and pulled her to safety. The incident took place just before 12:00noon on Tuesday.

The Demerara Harbour Bridge has a pedestrian area and the woman was spotted walking across the bridge moments before she made the suicide attempt.

General Manager at the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Rawlston Adams, told News Source that once the woman was pulled to safety, she was placed in to the custody of the Police located close by.

News Source understands that medical professionals were called to assess the woman and ensure that she was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation.



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  1. I am proud of those two young men ,who helped in saving the life of this young lady.We are living in a troubled world filled with so much trouble.hopefully she gets the help she truly deserve.My prayers are cor a speedy recovery.


  2. Very well said and worded by the individuals who posted comments. Nice not to have any negative thoughts but instead concern and well wishes. Shows we have the capacity to think and show concern and support towards each other in times of need or desperation.
    Great. Leaves me feeling proud.


  3. there are still good people around the world. some other people might hav jus watch and do nothing. hope she can battle the issues troubling her and not try to end her life again.


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