CARIBBEAN: Guyana businessman gets 18 years for sodomising 7-year-old boy

CARIBBEAN: Guyana businessman gets 18 years for sodomising 7-year-old boy
Kevin Jordan jailed for 18 years.
Kevin Jordan jailed for 18 years.
Kevin Jordan jailed for 18 years.

KAIETEUR NEWS – A High Street Charlestown businessman has been jailed for 18 years, on a conviction of buggery. Kevin Jordan, 56, of Lot 524 Republic Park, East Bank Demerara, had faced a High Court trial for sodomising, a seven year- old boy.

The incident occurred on November 2, 2007. The trial was held in camera and the businessman was subsequently found guilty by a mixed jury, on October 12, last.

He was sentenced yesterday, following the presentation of a probation report, before Justice Dawn Gregory at the Georgetown High Court.

During the presentation of the report, the officer described Jordan, the proprietor of Jordan’s Spare Parts at High and Broad Streets, as a very generous man, according to people who knew him.

However, the Probation Officer was subjected to a series of questions, by State Prosecutor Stacey Goodings. Goodings noted that the report heavily favoured Jordan. She questioned whether sufficient attempts were made to interview relatives of the victim. The Probation Officer claimed that efforts were made to contact the father of the victim.

Jordan’s Attorney Neil Boston begged the court for leniency.

In her ruling Justice Gregory, noted that she had initially considered handing down a 20-year-jail sentence but after taking into consideration the mitigating and aggravating factors, the sentence was lessened to 18 years. Several relatives of the businessman, who were present for the hearing yesterday, were moved to tears but Jordan maintained his composure.

When the allegations surfaced in 2007, the businessman was charged for sexually assaulting four minors. The victims were all boys, aged between six and eight years old.

The acts were allegedly committed on November 7 and on November 2 at Jordan’s High and Broad Streets business place. However, the gruesome details did not come to light until a seven-year-old student of a primary school located a short distance from the Spare Parts dealership, complained of a pain in his rear.

Blood was found after the child was examined. The boy was subsequently questioned and he implicated the businessman.

Three other boys came forward also alleging that Jordan had committed sexual acts on them during the lunch period at his business place. However, the latter cases allegedly never made it to the High Court.


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  1. That is the worse case of corruption and conspiracy in the Guyana Judiciary. This is an innocent man and this incompetent judge needs to be dismissed immediately. This businessman is innocent and never did any such act on these kids or any kids. Mr. Jordon had poor legal representation by Mr. Boston. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE. Kevin Jordon is INNOCENT.


  2. that peadophile will have to take it the ass in prison. he is gonna have a f*kfest. he gonna get all the tail he can or cannot handle. they have handed this bulla peadophile paradise. take heed people those bulla types can appear to be quite nice and accomodating. they need to do that to draw victims in their net. i know one who can be pure sugar with his intended victims and act like bitch towards anyone else. you have them in high positions in st lucia too. careful with your kids, boy or girl. always ask them questions, make sure they comfortable enough to talk to you. let them know no-one should touch them in certain places. and they ought to let you know if it happens.




  4. You Lucians can only comment when it happens somewhere else. Yea Hypocrites. Many men including police officers are accused and implicated in the rape of young boys in St. Lucia what have you said about that? Not a word. I have said previously this matter is not taken serious enough since St. Lucians have placed the agendas of women high up on the attention scale at the expense of young males. While we continue to ignore their problems we are bound to face suicides and violent crimes of epic proportions. We will see about that.


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