CARIBBEAN: Grenadian man charged with murder of American tourist

CARIBBEAN: Grenadian man charged with murder of American tourist

e4277b24b080d69d4b50c2dc533bc4bc_LGRENADA INFORMER – A 27 year-old man from the village of Coals Gap in St. David’s had been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison on a charge of Non-Capital Murder linking him to the death of an American tourist whose body was found partly submerged on the La Sagesse Beach in St. David’s on Sunday.

David Benjamin alias “Giant” an ex-convict who was recently released from prison after spending time for rape, appeared before Magistrate Nevelyn John at the Grenville Magistrate Court on Wednesday, hours after he was slapped with the non capital murder charge which seeks to tie him to the brutal killing of Atlanta, Georgia resident Jessica Colker.

Colker met her death hours after she had arrived in Grenada with her husband Brian Melito. The couple was boarding at a nearby hotel, when they decided to embark on a familiarization walk along the beach front.  Sources told the Informer that in the process of the exercise, the couple wandered off into a relatively remote area and was attacked by a masked man wielding a cutlass (machete).

According to information reaching this media house, during the attack the husband realizing that his wife was in difficulty, made a run to get help at the hotel. However on his return in the company of police and hotel staff the lifeless body of his wife was found partly submerged in the sand with blood oozing from a wound to the back of her head. An autopsy report on Jessica Colker revealed that her death was as a result of extensive skull fracture and asphyxia.

Hours after the news hit the streets, the lawmen went on a manhunt with Benjamin as their main point of focus, and he subsequently surrendered himself to the police.



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  1. Waaa, mate demonstrated unprecedented "courage" in the face of such great danger.......
    He saved himself leaving his wife to fend for herself... Smh.
    You wife is with you, she's is fighting for her life and you chose to leave and run for "help"???


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