CARIBBEAN: Gang leader killed, shooter killed immediately after in Trinidad

CARIBBEAN: Gang leader killed, shooter killed immediately after in Trinidad

EP-160109688.jpg&W=730&imageversion=ArticleTRINIDAD EXPRESS – TRINIDAD and Tobago’s murder toll jumped yesterday as four men were shot dead in separate incidents in less than 24 hours.

The bloodshed included a gunman who shot a suspected gang leader in broad daylight then was himself killed by bullets as he stood over his victim at Belmont.

The country’s murder toll stood at 12 last night according to the Police Service.

The toll around the same time last year was 11.



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  1. The murderous countries of the west.
    1 Jamaica
    2 Trinidad & Tobago
    3 Our sweet Helen


  2. The assassin was probably executed immediately after he did his work to prevent him from talking. There was some planning behind this event.


  3. why are u worried about people seeing these two murders face turn them over so people can see their face better this is what they deserve they are garbage of the earth


  4. Was he disrespectful when he was killing people. u think the world is a Harry potter movie... man u feel is game we playing


  5. This is soo disrespectful to a corps. They might be gang but still have families.Stop putting dead bodies like that. It is soo disrespectful


    • Its"corpse", and if you had bothered to click on the link for the full story you would not have made that comment


    • Girl please get a grip who cares these thugs are holding your country ransom and all you are concerned about is a corpse ...ok then go cover it up everytime one of them gets shot.... you need to be addressing the real issues here ... What is going on in Trinidad and how come these folks have become so heartless


    • what respect do you think he had for others he killed for trivial reasons???............whats your name?? Mary Francis???


    • No one put the bodies in those positions. The bodies fell to the ground in that position when they were shot dead. Why did you think someone moved them?


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