CARIBBEAN: Four men sentenced to 81 years in jail each for granny execution in Guyana

CARIBBEAN: Four men sentenced to 81 years in jail each for granny execution in Guyana

guyanaNEWS SOURCE GUYANA – The four men who were charged for the gunning down murder of 72 year old Robb street granny, Clementine Fiedkou-Parris back in 2011, were all found guilty yesterday at the Georgetown High Court and each sentenced to 81 years in jail.

The four, Kevin October, Roy Jacobs, and brothers Orwin and Cleon Hinds, were jointly charged for the murder. The High Court trial wrapped up on Tuesday and within 4 hours the jury returned guilty verdicts for each of the men.

Justice Navendra Singh then handed down his 81 year sentence to each of the convicts.

The elderly woman was in her home when she was called outside by one of the men. As she made her way, she came under heavy gunfire.

The prosecution said the murder appeared to have been a hit and the men were paid $400,000 to carry out the act. It is believed that the woman was murdered because she had refused to sell her property.



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  1. i just hope they speak out and say who paid them to do such a hideous crime like this cause since they are not coming out anytime soon i dont think they would have anything to lose and all to gain if they are accompanied by their employer in the cell.the sad thing about this thing is that you may be surprise to know who pays for hits like that to go down.thinking of the circumstances surrounding the situation you never know if it might be some high ranking official in society behind all this.glad that justice is served but someone else is still missing to face justice.i rest my case.


  2. what the hell. it's her property and her right if she wants to sell or not.there are too many jealous and greedy people in this world. The worst part about this is this lady was 72. who kills a 72 year old, like who does that. sometimes thats all the lady had for her to live for . Assholes , they should torture them


  3. They certainly will the judge made sure of tht theses animals dont belong on the streets poor lady smfh!


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