Police force presented with forensic kit

Police force presented with forensic kit
Crime Chief Milton Desir (left) receiving the donation on behalf of the RSLPF from
Crime Chief Milton Desir (left) receiving the donation on behalf of the RSLPF from
Crime Chief Milton Desir (left) receiving the donation on behalf of the RSLPF from CFSTT Director Dr. Maurice Aboud.

A crime scene forensic kit was donated to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to assist with its crime scene investigations.

The handing-over ceremony took place at the Police Training Academy on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Forensic Lab Director at the Caribbean Forensic Services of Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Maurice Aboud, made this valuable donation through an affiliate agency, Alternative Security Services (St. Lucia) LTD.

Officials from the Police Force thanked Dr. Aboud for his generous donation.

Crime Chief Milton Desir said, “There is no doubt that this vital tool will enhance the crime scene investigative capabilities of the Royal Saint Lucia Force.”

Dr. Aboud, who is currently visiting Saint Lucia, plans to meet with investigators to discuss their needs and try to assist in whatever way he can.


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  1. What they really need is rape kits to be able to capture dna and sperm samples from victims..... To many rapes are happening and nothing is being done about it....
    .. We need justice for these women


  2. I really don't expect any better comments, especially from you criminals who feel that you are in a position to question capabilities since you have been getting away.


  3. They say ignorance is blest. My gentle people ur'll just proved this. Please say nothing if ur'll don't know exactly what u r saying, it's like the blind leading the dunce. Was it mentioned that the equipment was for the lab? And y would a police officer be accepting anything on behalf of a lab that is not runner by the force. Come on people read and know the facts.


  4. Great to be given a donation, but will it gather dust in the lab like all the other state of art equipment? Of course. How embarrassing to accept a kit for a closed lab.
    When is the lab opening up & at what capacity will it function?
    Shameful situation.


  5. Please ask them to help us solve our long list of unsolved cases. Is not like you'll know how to use the kit.


  6. A crime scene forensic kit vs a forensic lab. which has a greater impact to deal with crime. so the lab shut down they giv them a kit. LoL really pathetic.


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